Training & Development Software

Forsa HR is the most effective employee training & development software.  It enables your workforce skilled about the job to be successful as an individual and teammate.

Many factors need consideration during the training and development programs. In addition, it describes the purpose and time of the training. It also includes the individuals participating in the training and how it will benefit in the future. Our software remedies the difficulties that a company may face while conducting training and development procedures.

Forsa HR holds the answers to all questions that might occur during the employee training and development process. In addition, the Forsa HR management system is the central point of your whole training procedure.

The software will enable you to control the fundamental aspects of your business needs. It will also offer the intelligent integration of the other recommended tools. However, Forsa HR covers your training and development needs inclusively. We are your one-stop solution for all your training and development issues.

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What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Simple and Clear Interface
The interface of the Forsa HR is responsive and user-friendly. In addition, you can easily set up the training and development program in minutes. The employee training and development software is automated and linked. Therefore it sends the alerts to the desired employees through e-mail and mobile apps. However, the software will perform these tasks rapidly. HR can add more than one training and development program according to their needs.
Training Lists
The Training lists in the employee development software enable the HR and management to add training lists. In addition, it sorts the lists against employee records. It includes the features such as the department, the number of employees, training date, trainer profile, and activity results. In addition, it saves the lists in the database. These training lists are helpful for future training plans and employee evaluations.
Training Evaluations
The training evaluation is an essential and crucial part of the employee development software. Therefore this section evaluates the training either the results are according to requirements or not. However, the training evaluation contains the data of candidates, trainer profile, training worth, cost, and estimated time
Performance Analysis
Performance analysis deals with analyzing the performance of the training and development sessions. The system generates a report on the training and development programs for a specific period. However, HR puts its remarks about the success or the failure of the training and development sessions.
Tracking and Automation
The software automatically sends the alerts of the training programs to the employees and HR. In addition, it utilizes email and mobile apps to send signals to employees. However, HR keeps track of the training sessions. It's a bit easier with the Forsa HR management software to control the training sessions and alerts. Therefore, If you miss any training sessions, you can re-enroll for the training for a limited period. The HR receives reports about all the training sessions and the success or failure of the sessions.
Training Placement
It is the most vital part of the software for the training and development of the employees. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in the employees' training and development. In addition, you can easily specify the area where the management conducts the training. Usually, it conducts sessions online, but it can conduct the sessions physically as well. Therefore, the placement of the session depends upon HR and management.
Mobile App
Forsa HR is an inclusive solution to your HR problems. Therefore, Forsa HR presents its mobile app to facilitate its customers. Training and development are a vital part of the mobile app. In addition, candidate can track their training sessions in the application. However, the details, such as place, timings, and trainer profile, are accessible on the mobile app.
Why Forsa HR’s Training & Development Software?
We are cloud-based and automated training software. Are you tired of conventional ways of employee training and development? Try Forsa HR’s training and development software and enter the era of digitalization. Just forget about the lengthy and time-consuming paperwork and other formalities about the training. Forsa HR is enabling the digital concept of training and employee development.
Save Time & Money With Forsa HR
Forsa HR’s training and development program will save you time and money. In addition, it will keep your energies to conduct the training and development sessions. The software enables you to achieve the training session for a large group without any difficulty. However, you can quickly get the result of an online assessment. However, it generates the results without delay and sends them to the HR and candidate simultaneously.
It becomes difficult for an organization working locally to control the employees working remotely. Therefore, the training and development programs become vulnerable in such situations. Forsa HR assists in conducting online training and development sessions for employees working remotely. However, it enables HR to control the entire training and development programs with ease.