Are you deciding whether someone is due for a raise? Is it time to hand out promotions? Who should be given the title of ‘Employee of the Month’?

By tracking employee performance, our performance management software simplifies these decisions for you. Our performance management solutions permit the management to design appraisal forms that include employee competencies, objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and comments, as well as self-appraisal forms.

Efficient and Integrated

By digitizing many tasks involved in performance evaluation, Fórsa provides effective, efficient, and practical performance management solutions. In addition, the Performance Management module of Fórsa HR software communicates with the payroll software to ensure that any increments granted during performance appraisals are updated in the payroll.

Why use Fórsa’s Performance Management Software?

A company is only as good as the people who run it. Therefore, keeping track of employees’ performance is crucial in ensuring the progress and success of your business. Our performance management software helps you decide which employees are up for an evaluation, which ones deserve a promotion or performance and incentive, and which ones are not adding any value to your business. Thus, our cloud-based HR software allows you to make smart decisions that keep your workforce in the best shape possible, and encourage good performance.