Exit Management System

We say goodbye to each other differently, but saying goodbye in professional organizations is entirely different. In addition, the exit management system discontinues the relation between the employee and employer. However, the process involves some policies and procedures for off-boarding an employee. Employee goes through the same process either the employee leaves after completing a contract or leaves in between.

Forsa HR presents a fully automated process for the offboard/exit of the employees. Therefore, the procedure starts from the submission of the resignation letters and ends at the final settlement. However, ForsaHR is using a flexible and customized exit management system. In addition, the software generates emails at all levels from submitting the resignation letter, approval, or rejection.

The exit management system keeps a track record and generates reports on the demand of the managers. Therefore, offboarding employees is to manage a final settlement statement when they are exiting from the organization. Whenever someone retires, resigns, or an organization dismisses an employee, it requires detailed paperwork and formalities.

In addition, this paperwork and formalities need to go through some systematic procedures. Hence, the exit process involves exit interviews and clean chit from the concerned department. Therefore, Forsa HR’s Exit management software solves all HR problems in one place. However, the use of exit management software has become common these days. It facilitates the management to deal with the exit management effectively and reliably.

exit management

What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Exit Procedures
Forsa HR initiates with robust employee exit management software. However, It includes the entire policies and procedures relevant to the separation of the employee. Therefore, the employer or the manager can create different approaches for each employee. Hence the exit procedure evolves individual policies, notice periods, resignations, exit checklists, exit interviews, information transfer, etc. Furthermore, the management has the authority to track and modify the procedures.
The ForsaHR exit software system is fully automated. In addition, Exit management involves the complete exit lifecycle. However, the exit program's lifecycle includes submitting the resignation application to the final settlement statement. In addition, it is supported by email alerts to all the participants for active and efficient communication. The entire process is automated and easily trackable. Therefore the final settlement statements automatically generate the reports.
Resigning Policy
The strong>exit management software by Forsa HR enables the employee to submit the resignation letter online. Therefore the management accepts or rejects the resignation application. In addition, the manager views the applications received online and creates reports against them. However, a fully automatic system sends emails to the employee whenever the applications are received.
Creation of Checklist
The exit management software creates the checklist; the checklist is the recovery item list from the employee. Therefore, the respective department fills the index to give a clean chit to the employee. These checklists may contain funds or the company’s items used by the employee during a prior contract. However, it's easy to create a checklist, and these lists are pretty helpful in assessing the exit management process.
Information Transfer
The information transfer facility helps the employees to transfer their knowledge when on their departure. However, this information is more valuable and reliable. The employees describe their details of work. In addition, they also represent the culture of the organization. Furthermore, the management views all this information and holds the authority to accept or reject it.
Final Interviews
Forsa HR is taking the exit management process to the next level. In addition, the introduction of the final interviews adds more strength to the employee exit process in HRM. However, HR conducts these interviews online to make the final decision. The Management concludes its final remarks in the decision-making of the exit process. No doubt, Forsa HR is the leading online software solution with an online interviews facility.
Final Settlement
Forsa HR is an inclusive HR software solution. However, the Forsa exit management is integrated with the Forsa payroll software systems to generate error-free calculations. Therefore, It is pretty easy to develop the final settlement of the resigning employee with exit management.
The Forsa HR exit management software is customizable following customer needs and requirements. Therefore, the manager customizes the software for adding unique features or making special reports. In addition, the managers can add separate policies for the employees. These policies are as per their job title, category, department, and designation.
The certification facility generates the certificates on demand. Including the final settlement certificates, experience certificates, relieving and character certificates, etc. However, the system generates these certificates on the completion of the final settlement.
Management Reports
Forsa HR is dealing with a comprehensive series of managerial reports for the employee exit management system. These reports contain detailed data about the employees that enable the organization to make the final decisions. In addition, these reports are an asset to the organization. However, the top management keeps the record of these reports for future needs. Furthermore, these reports are very vital and can influence the decisions of the top management.
Support & Maintenance
Forsa HR is a team of professionals with years of experience in supplying HR solutions to its prime customers. However, our experts are available to install the exit management software at your site. In addition, we would be happy to guide you about using the software. Furthermore, our maintenance team is also accessible 24/7. Hence we provide training as well for the new customers.
Smart Features
The Employee can place an online request for the exit. However, the organization has the authority to accept or reject the application. In addition, an employee can apply on behalf of another applicant. These requests go to the head of the departments initially. Furthermore, the Managers track the checklist of receivable items from the employee. In the end, the Exit Management sends email alerts after making the final settlement. However, Forsa HR is a fully automatic system that can transfer data to payroll for final settlement calculations.