Time is money!!!


Whatever the era is whatever the region is…One thing can never be changed and that is the importance of time!

It is so true that time is money and if you are not considering it important then forget it is going to remember you because time never stops for anyone and you don’t take actions or make decisions at the right time then nothing can save you from destruction.

When we are living a carefree educational life we don’t think of it that seriously but in professional life, you can’t mess with the time. One late arrival at a meeting and you lost a client.

Consecutive late comings at the office and there is a deduction in your salary, late submission of any report or document in the office and you can even lose your job as well.

It means time management is one of the key elements in professional life to achieve long-lasting success. In general, people don’t think of these things much and live a life on the edge but every time it is not acceptable. There was a time when all the system was manual and there was no strict checking or accountability against the time you spent on the floor doing productive work. 

Not anymore!

Forsa HR is here to present you with the best HR software that can help you maintain a balance and allow you to keep track of time spent and note down the attendance as well.

The time management module of this HR software can be made customized right according to your requirements. Now you can keep an eye on your employees without making them uncomfortable or annoy.

Forsa made a time management system so no one can deceive the management and can be evaluated based on their time and working skills. This also makes

Stop using papers!!! It is damaging our environment…


Have you ever wondered how many papers did you use in your educational life?

Maybe it was somehow important but don’t you think it is still important in professional life?


In professional life usage of paper can be cut down and minimize to the maximum extent.

Yes! It can be done in offices as we all know that this world is suffering from global warming and we keep on going with our current routine there won’t be a single tree left for our future generation.

Right from the usage of tissue papers to paper sheets we are cutting millions of trees just to meet the needs.

So how can an office or professional organization help when it is a most important thing and no documentation can be completed without papers?

Here comes the Forsa HR!

Your perfect office partner to settle down your professional needs as it allows you to keep your documents safe in the virtual world. Yes! With the documents management module, you can avoid extra usage of papers and declutter your desk as well.

What does it do?

This document management system scans out your present documents and keeps them safe and allows you to edit them as well. The best part is you can print them out is it is needed otherwise you don’t need to maintain the stack of papers.

Now you don’t have to dig the sack of papers every time you need a document, with Forsa HR you can easily access your desired document and can avoid the usage of papers as well.

Forsa HR is constantly making progress in this document management system to keep the documents secure. Right from keeping the employee’s data safe till official confidential data it does all without going through your budget limit.

This system can simply enable an organization to go beyond all limits to save the environment professionally and effiecintly.

Understand your environmental responsibility before taking a print out!

Save trees! Save the planet!

Keep the accounts clear and keep the confidential information safe! Then you are good to go!!


Forsa HR developed a full-fledge system for the organizations with all the majorly required modules to tackle your business.

One of the most used modules is a payroll system because when it is about managing a company no one can ignore the accounts department as it is the place where all the delicate and confidential work is done. So we developed made payroll system that leads us to develop functional cloud payroll software to handle the payments and salaries based on the performance and attendance and to do so payroll system needs to be attached with other layers of the business. To tackle such a mesh of software, the cloud payroll system was introduced by Forsa and there is no doubt that it became a massive hit.


Before making payrolls you need to have clear and authentic information about employees so here we present you with the employee database software. A complete employee management system that provides you a quick access to the right person’s information and keep it secure and safe from any harm! Now you don’t have to fill lots of papers and keep them safe all the time to avoid the breach of data leakage employee database software so it all for you in a single click.

To tackle the employee information and other tasks running in the organization there were lots of documents that have been made by the office kept in lockers so no one can access them. A pile of papers always on the desk and you have to find out your required one every time. Forsa provides you a simple solution in terms of document management software where you don’t need any papers and lockers. You just have to make online documents and keep them safe in the virtual world that will reduce the usage of paper and declutter your desk as well.

All these modules of the HR software lead any organization to a safe zone where the documents, accounts information and employee’s data need to be safe.

We will do it for you!

Trust us with your data and see the results!

How HR software can help any organization?


People all around the world are looking for some extra help in their office management especially when it is about human resources one needs proper flow in the work.

Running a business is not an easy job as it requires lots of different phases to work together in sync to generate flawless results.

So, how to manage all the things together to get the desired results?

What can help an organization to work more professionally?

What could make a difference in the current situation of your business and can lead you to the long term success?  


Yes! It is the answer to all questions.

The concerns regarding administration and the workers make Forsa HR headed towards some of the latest and advanced modules to in-cooperate with the different levels and layers of the business. These modules help to bring out more professionalism to the offices.

Forsa believes that adding new things to software makes it sparkling and when it is about making it better and advanced than it will amaze the client. So they developed modules like HRIS system, time management, attendance management, etc.

The idea of making the sync between various layers of any business added new life into the HR system to enhance the work patterns made us believe that there is more we can add to this software to work better.

This thought directed them to work in the field of cloud HR software to tackle the issues of giants of the industry so the core team of Forsa did a lot of searches and then present an idea of highly responsive, user friendly and fully controllable cloud HR software so the multinationals and other big organizations can work carefree and use their power of in the right direction.

If we look deeply then we can analyze how much an HR software helps the industry to grow in the right direction. Right from maintaining the workflow to the evaluation of the employees, HR software can do all for you.

Take the right step today and step into the world of professionalism with Forsa HR.

Forsa HR: Your perfect office partner


HR management software is not only just connected to administration but it also defines the infrastructure of the company and gives a certain pattern to work as well. If you keenly observe your competitors so you will notice how much organized they are and they have digitalized all the stuff just to make sure the growth of the company that is why Forsa build the human resources system to maximize the working potential.


The cloud HR system is also there to handle the big companies in a way that can work for the whole company and can connect easily with all other software presents there to make sure that the company is working with the best people in the best way possible. That is why Forsa developed a whole new and advanced version of a cloud HR system to enhance the working abilities of a company and to build a better relationship between employees and administration.


The human resource software allows a company to digitalize the whole process of running it right from grass root so the work can be perfect every time.


But when we are in an organization it is not about attendance and administration, in fact, in a broader term, it is about capitalizing human power to the maximum extent to grow and earn more. That is why Forsa started their work on a perfect HR solution to make it happen. They evolved the software by constantly adding new modules to make it one of the most professional software to help the businesses out there.


Forsa HR with number of useful and advanced modules of the HR software can connect each of the departments working in an organization to develop a well-established infrastructure to enhance the work standards.


Reach us and experience a new world of efficiency and professionalism!

Benefits of the Attendance and Leave Module in HRMS Systems

Paper-based attendance and leave tracking is outdated and should be left behind in the 20th century where it belongs. In the 21st century, modern businesses should adopt electronic systems to help them keep account of employee attendance, arrival and exit times, and leaves. The attendance and leave module in HR management systems has a number of advantages over traditional paper-based records.

  • Keeps track of leaves and remaining holidays
  • Enables easy application submission and approval/decline
  • Makes payroll calculation easy
  • Helps draw conclusions about employee punctuality
  • Eliminates the chance of alterations

Thus, the attendance and leave module in HRMS systems can help your company keep track of employee leaves and simplify the leave application process, make accurate payroll calculations and better decisions about employee performance, and keep authentic records. While HRMS has a multitude of useful features, even the attendance and leave module alone, in my opinion, necessitates its implementation in your company.

5 Ways HRMS Can Increase Employee Retention

A high turn-over rate is not only a waste of time, but also carries exorbitant financial costs. According to the Society of Human Resource Management, the quitting of an employee and the hiring of a new one can cost from 90 to 200% of the employee’s annual income. According to another estimate, it can cost from 30 to 400% of the leaving employee’s annual income, depending on whether the employee was a beginner or an experienced professional.

The need to increase employee retention is clear. Human resource management systems can help improve retention rates in several ways:

  • They track employee performance, and enable rewards and recognition
  • They convey objectives and goals to employees
  • They facilitate professional growth
  • They allow employees to communicate with the management
  • They help companies understand why employees quit

In conclusion, with a suitable HRMS solution, companies can encourage employee engagement and satisfaction, and increase their retention. Employees being arguably the most important assets of a business, their satisfaction and lower turnover rates will predictably fare well for the business