FORSA’s Shift Management
System Software

It becomes challenging with the large organizations to schedule the employees in the various shifts. If an individual is responsible for planning the Shifts, it will be more complex and time-consuming. The successful implementation of the shit management will increase productivity and will decrease the labor cost simultaneously. Though shift management is a continuous task, and it needs to repeat itself again and again. It can become more complicated if done manually; therefore, the best shift management software is required. A few years back, it was challenging for a small organization to get software for shift management. Forsa HR has reduced this hurdle; now, the companies can get their shift management software at an economical charge. Forsa HR is a cloud-based facility to entertain its clients with the most reliable services.

Forsa HR is more commonly known as the best shift management software. At Forsa HR, we are always trying to bring solutions that are according to the user requirements. In addition, we are focusing on producing solutions to address future needs as well. Our system is solely customizable, which makes it perfect for all sizes of organizations. The software comes with a user-friendly layout to easily edit, add or delete any functionality. In addition, the user can manage the working hours and the break time management. However, the users can Increase, edit or delete as many records as required in the system. The software is flexible; it is easily accessible over the Cloud. The availability over the cloud makes the Forsa HR more reliable and secure shift management software.


What Forsa HR will benefit you?

The layout of shift management is designed in such a way that it projects a user-friendly interface. In addition, all the buttons and the actions are solely available to give easy access to the users. Moreover, the shift management software contains the name of the employee, including the working hours. Shift management also includes the break timings of the employees. However, the employer can add the records to the shift management system without any hassle. In addition, the user can add multiple records to the system at a time. The system enables the user to add, modify or delete the records of shifts.
Working Hours
Shift management defines the working hours into three parts: shift hours, shift start and shift end. These operating hours identify the work by a specific employee. The system saves the records against the name of the particular employee. However, these records are vital to calculating the working hours of an employee. Shift operations management system can record multiple fields to the system. Our shift management system is customizable so that the user can adjust the working hours as per requirements.
Break Hours
Break hours are the time calculation of the period an employee goes off from work. The system calculates it from starting and ending break time. However, the break hours calculations are pretty necessary. Therefore, the shift management places the break hours along the working hours to quickly calculate the working hours and break hours. The shift management system is fully customizable, which allows the user or the employer to set the break hours as per requirements. Moreover, it's relatively easy with the shift management system to add, modify and remove the records from the system.
Record Management
Record management is the facility added to the shift management software to enable the users to modify, add or delete the records. The user can make active or inactive records; moreover, the software allows the user to delete or edit the records. In addition, the software displays the records of the employees starting from 10 to 100. However, the system can add multiple pages of employees records. All these records are saved and displayed in a unified place, making them more convenient and reliable.
Adding New Shift Records
The work shift management software enables users to add new records to the system. In addition, the system adds these records to the system against the name of the employee. Therefore, it includes the starting and ending times of the shift; It also provides break management. The software displays the records whenever the user adds them. These records are easily editable, addable, and deletable from the records. Shift management categories the shift records into half and full-day shifts. Adding the new records to the system is not limited; the employer can add several records at a time.
Cloud computing is serving the communities for more than two decades. However, it helps them to improve business efficiencies, cost control and provide a competitive edge. Cloud-based is one of the advanced features of the Forsa HR with its other top-notch features. However, it's challenging for a large company to manage the records manually. Therefore, Forsa HR brings cloud-based shift management software to allow users to control the records remotely. The cloud-based facility will also provide more security and reliability to the system. In addition, the cloud-based presence makes Forsa HR more accessible for multiple users.
Unified Place
Forsa HR places all the essential features of shift management in a unified place. All the triggers such as employee name, shift timings, break timings are accessible in one place. The users will not need to go to another site to make any changes. However, shift management is designed so that it provides a oneway solution for all shift management tasks. However, some of the other vendors don’t provide all these functionalities in one place. The unified placement of the activities makes shift management by Forsa HR more unique and reliable.
The shift management by Forsa HR is customizable. The users are allowed to add the employees as per requirements. In addition, the working hours are fully customizable; the user can add any work hours. The working hours can also be described as the morning, evening, or night shifts. Furthermore, the system enables the users to manage the break time; the user can easily add, update and delete any records. Shift management lets the employer or the user edit, modify, or delete the records of the employees.