Digitize the process of recruitment!

Recruitment Managment System

Recruitment is a time-consuming and hectic process. However, it requires a lot of care and attention, and it contains lengthy paperwork and confidential documents. Sometimes it becomes more complex to deal with. Therefore, the entire process requires more workforce and resources for the execution of the program. Are you currently facing the music with your existing software, which cannot resolve all your issues? One of the reasons for the case is your problem too advanced which requires special instructions. We are here to assist you with Forsa HR, which offers multiple benefits.

Forsa HR is inducting an extensive recruitment management system for everyone. We are one of the trusted and renowned brands in the region.  In addition, our recruitment software is inclusive, secure, and easy to use. The recruitment software enables you to eliminate the paperwork and transform it into a digital and safe way. However, with the help of the recruitment software, all the activities can be controlled by management single-handedly. Hence an automated recruitment software that enables the HR and recruitment agencies to perform the recruitment most effectively!


What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Job Requisitions
The job requisition is the first step in the journey of recruitment. However, it enables the management to post the petition of the recruitment in the desired department. However, the manager can specify the department where the job is needed. Therefore it includes the title of the post, Number of vacancies, employment type, location, salary range, etc. It also allows you to specify the purpose of the job posted. In addition, the job requisition is simply the details of the requirements of the recruitment. However, the managers and HR can access the software remotely to modify or alter the job requisitions anytime. Forsa HR recruitment software lets you post multiple job requisitions.
Job Applications
The job application is available for management to view the received application through the recruitment management software. The candidate can import their resume to the software against the desired vacancy. In addition, the candidate can build customized pages. However, the applications are accepted through third-party job boards. The software sorts the applications for better understanding and use. However, it sorts by sender's source, expected and current salary ranges, age, gender, experience, qualifications, etc. The system receives applications from job portals, social media platforms, own career page, resume import, or candidate referral.
Applicants' Status
The applicant status is an efficient way to check the applicant's application status, either selected or rejected. However, the section of application status is accessible by the HR and management personals. Therefore, the application status in the HR recruitment software projects the rate against applications received. In addition, the managers of the concerned departments decide on selection or rejection. The status of the applications makes the hiring process quick and efficient. The software generates the lists of successful applicants automatically; these lists are helpful in the hiring process. Only the successful applicants receive a call for further processing.
Interview & Assessment
Forsa HR lets you conduct online interviews for potential applicants. Online interviews are a significant part of the recruitment procedure. However, an interview enables you to know more technically about an applicant. The online facility is accessible in the software; this facility is quite fruitful for outsourcing. However, Online interviews are popular these days. Therefore the software allows you to conduct online interviews. In addition, online interviews and online assessments are two powerful tools for recruiting candidates. The success of both online interviews and online assessments will give you quality applicants for your organizations. Thus both online interviews and online assessments are the best tools in the hiring processes.
Offer Letter
The offer letter comes at the end of the recruitment process. Hence, the offer letter is a vital part of the hiring management system. Therefore, Forsa HR has taken precautions to produce a qualitative facility for its customers. The HR or the managerial authorities can make the offer letters for their successful applicants. This offer letter contains the applicant's details, basic salary, gross salary, allowances, etc. however, HR can only send the offer letter. Thus the acceptance of the offer letter leads to proper placement of the job. Forsa HR presents fully customized offer letter templates. In addition, HR can customize it per requirements and facilitates the applicant's giving.
Reports & Analysis
Forsa HR will enable the recruiter to generate reports about the HRMS recruitment process. The system is automated; it causes the reports of each step taken. These reports are beneficial for analysis and decision-making. However, they enable the hiring team to conclude whether the recruitment process's purpose has been achieved or not. Therefore these reports are saved in the system and are accessible on the manager's demand. Thus the system generates the reports after successfully executing the hiring process.
Support & Service
Forsa HR will sort all of your queries regarding the hiring process. Our bunch of experts is accessible to help you. In case of any problem, you can contact us 24/7. Our team of professionals will be happy to sort your query. However, our support services are to assist you and provide the basic training of the software. We are a Forsa HR recruitment software company with an inclusive solution to your hiring or recruitment procedures.