Employee Database Management Software

Forsa HR is the Cloud-based employee database management software following the best procedures and practices. In addition, it adds strong communication tactics to assist its customer in the best ways. However, Our software contains the services which will fulfill your requirements. These services are employee profile, assets to the employee, introduction plan, employee ID and management probation, etc.

We at Forsa HR understand the importance of employee data.

Therefore, we add every piece of information to the software to avoid missing any important info. We are here to offer you a transparent and inclusive database of the employees. In addition, it performs modification, addition, and deletion of the data records. The primary function of the employee database is to project all the employee’s data in a single place. You won’t need to go and search for your desired data at multiple sites.


What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Profiles and Documents
The profile and documents section presents the profile and documents saved in the employee database software. However, this part of the Forsa HR database is quite essential. Therefore, it contains the employees' details and the documents uploaded by the employees. In addition, the HR adds, modifies, and deletes the data from the database. Thus profiles saved in the software are safe and accessible to HR at any time. However, it deals with care with employee profiles and documents.
Employees Profiles
The Employee profile section in the employee database includes the complete information of the employees. Therefore, it starts from the father's name, DOB, department, designation, starting date, email, blood group, etc. The employee profiles are easily trackable from the database. Furthermore, it allows. Addition, deletion, or modification of the profiles are also straightforward to handle.
Document Types
This section lets you know that how to check the type of documents uploaded. In addition, it indicates which documents you need to upload to the database. It includes the documents such as educational certificates, provisional certificates, identity cards, and experience letters. Therefore, to search for an employee, you can change the document type. However, HR adds all the possible documents types according to their needs and requirements.
Employee Documents
The employee can easily upload its documents to the staff database software. In addition, the employee can upload multiple documents to the system at one time. However, the procedure is relatively straightforward. So you need to mention the type and the document you are uploading. Thus, drag and drop your file in the section and upload it. Your responsibility finishes here because the employee database software takes the responsibility onwards.
Assets to Employees:
Assets to employees are the benefits given to the employees by the employer. However, these benefits are according to their job designation and title. Therefore, Employers mention the allotment of the assets to employees in the job contract. Moreover, HR can modify the asset allotments. The HR allows assets to the Employees and retrieves back assets as well. The employee’s assets are car/fuel for the vehicle, mobile phone/ sim card, laptop, food, accommodation, etc. However, the types of assets are not limited it varies from employee and job designations. Hence the assets are the benefits or rewards given to the employees. In addition, HR can add multiple assets to the employees as per their job nature. It's pretty easy to add and delete from HR employee management database software.
Indoctrination Plan
Forsa HR dedicates a place for the introduction of the company. In this section, the management adds the company plan and schedule of the administration. These plans are vital because they guide the rules and regulations. It also includes the company culture and brief information about the company policies. The indoctrination plans are the first interaction of the employees with the management/ company. The induction plans enable you to add induction plans for some specific group of employees or employees. However, HR can add more than one induction plan to the employee database management software. In addition, it can delete programs from the database as well.
Agenda Management
The Agenda management lets the HR add some specific agenda on some desired event. In addition, the software can add more than one agenda. Therefore, It adds a plan whenever there is a need for any special requirements. Thus the system also adds Agendas for routine learning and training.
Employee ID Card Request
The employee-ID-card-request section is allocated for HR to allot the employee ID cards. Therefore, HR can add more than one request for the issuance of ID cards. The whole scenario is automated and trackable. However, the HR or the management can retrieve, add or modify the data
Manage Probation Evaluations
The Forsa HR allows you to manage the probation evaluations. Our Software is equally qualified to save the data collected from the assessment and competency management. Therefore, HR can easily view the probation and competency management. In addition, the evaluation section holds the record of the newly hired employees. These records are automated; therefore, it’s easier for HR to view the probation periods. In addition, the evaluation section determines the status of the success of a probation period. Hence HR can put the probation period to a successful or unsuccessful status. However, Forsa HR’s employee database software is automated and linked so it can retrieve data anytime
Competencies Management
HR can include competency assessments to verify the competency level of the employees. The software has the capacitance to add more than one competency test for the employees. However, the competency test is different for employees as per their job designation and requirements.