Document Management Software

Forsa HR is the cloud-based document management software solution for organizations looking for a digital space for their documents. We are one of the leading and innovative document management facilitators working for the benefit of the region for many years. Did you ever think of sorting a large stack of files? We at Forsa HR allow you to store all your paperwork and documents in one digital place. We are here to provide you with the digital experience, forget about the conventional ways of managing your documents in files and folders.

The conventional ways were time-consuming and there was a great chance of loosing your important data. We Forsa HR presenting you the cloud-based document management facility to manage your documents. The documents can be saved from any side, anywhere, and tend to access remotely. If you were searching for a document manager to assist you in the reduction of large files, Forsa HR is your ultimate choice & requirement. The software stores the data and allows the employees to retrieve it whenever they need it, the software can keep track to access the documents.

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What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Unified Storage
Forsa HR lets you store all your documents in one place. The whole system is integrated and unified so there is no need to store your documents at several places, you can access all of your documents in one place. We are offering you a huge and safe place to save all your important documents digitally. The software is integrated with our other prime features such as recruitment, payroll management, employee database, training and development, and attendance management, etc. The documents are shared simultaneously over the network, this makes our software rapid and efficient in terms of data storage. The record management system is working on the cloud-based principle that makes it accessible anytime, anywhere!
Employee Documents
The employees can upload their documents using Forsa HR’s record management system. The storage provided to the employees is safe and reliable, can be accessed easily whenever required. The documents which can be uploaded in the software are resumes, job proposals, job contracts, birth certificates, ID cards, and qualification certificates, etc. The documents are saved and easily accessible. The documents uploaded from the employee are sent directly to the system review, the software can review either the uploaded documents are following the given format or not. If the documents are as per format are saved to the database, alerts will be sent automatically to both employee and HR regarding the successful submission of the documents.
Project Requisites/Proposals
Are you worried about your project files? We are presenting the document’s space for your project proposals or project requisites files. The employee can save the project files to our system with ease. The system tracks the record of the files uploaded and creates alerts to HR. The project proposals or requisites contains critical data which can be lost if not dealt with care. Forsa HR enabling the facility to its users to upload important proposals and files quickly and reliably.
Sharing is Caring
The Forsa HR lets you have complete document control. The software is unified and based on the cloud that makes it accessible for sharing with others. The employee can easily share the saved documents. The document controller keeps track of and records the files shared over the network. Once the file is uploaded in the database it is directly sent to the desired section for further processing, just post your documents into our database once we won’t be asking you to upload it again and again.
Customise the Docs
The documents management software initiating with the user customized documents. With the help of Forsa Hr’s file management system, the employee edits their documents whenever they want. There is no limit to adjusting, editing, and organizing the documents, we are presenting entirely flexible features. The theme of the documents manager can also be customized, the user can customize it as per choice and requirements.
The software is automated and linked, the software is responsible to send the alerts of the process. The alerts are given to the employees and the documents up loader in the shape of comments at each stage. The feedback section plays a vital role by supplying the guideline and response to the employees. The system tracks a record of the files uploaded and generates feedback for the employees. The software generates the feedback automatically but HR can also provide the feedback to the employee.
The document management system by the Forsa HR has the ability to grant a review to its employees. You can review your document before uploads. The reviewing ability of the document manager makes it versatile and flexible. Once the documents are saved by the candidate are directly presented to the HR, the HR reviews the documents if there are no issues it will be approved by the HR automatically.
The documents control software provides comprehensive guidelines about the approval of the documents. The HR can set a standard for the document approval, make sure that all the precautions have been taken and the documents are accurate for the project or some specific job. The software tends to approve or disapprove the documents, standards have been programmed in the software. The HR can customize the documents' approval standards and adjust to their own requirements and needs.
The approved files are stored in the document management database and the rejected files are sent back to the employee with remarks and procedure for the resubmission of the documents accordingly.
Why use Fórsa HR’s Document Management Software?
A cloud-based document management software that allows the employees to quickly share the documents over the network. The integration of the documents manager software enables the quick sharing of the files. Once the file is approved and uploaded it will be shared with the desired department simultaneously. The Data is safe with us, the system keeps a track of the access to the documents to make save them from theft or loss. The software has the capacitance to host tons of files in it.