Attendance Management System

Forsa HR introduces the attendance management system for the HR sector to digitize the manual attendance system. The Software is cloud-based and fully automated, the system generates alerts and emails to HR. The system generates the reports against the records which are sent to HR. The software is equally qualified to manage the time and attendance of the employees by calculating the working hours, leave days, holidays, sick days and the overtime conceded. The software is unified and integrated so the notifications about attendance are sent to the HR and employees

simultaneously through email and mobile apps alerts. The software allows the employee time in and time out, the use of the system is quite easy and understandable. The software is integrated with other major parts of the Forsa HR such as employee database and recruitment, being on the cloud the software can be accessed from any part of the world. Forsa HR lets you be in a completely digital space where there is nothing like conventional or manual. Try our Forsa HR attendance software to overcome the problems you might have faced in the past because of the manual attendance system.

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What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Manage Attendance
The section manage attendance is for the HR and the management to manage the attendance on a daily basis. Forsa HR has made attendance management simpler and unified. The reports generated on behalf of daily attendance are sent to the HR for their knowledge and further processing. The system is integrated with the employee database so the results are directly transferred to the desired place.
Time-In & Time-Out
The time in and time out sections stores the data of the employee against the specific employee ID. The time in and time out are integrated into the employee database and employee evaluation so the results are shipped directly in the database. The time-in facility is recorded through the biometric system such as fingerprints or facial recognition. The HR is responsible to register the new employees to the biometric system so the employee can record their attendance in the attendance management software.
Paid & Unpaid Leaves
Leaves are an essential part of any attendance software, Forsa HR introduces the section to manage the paid and unpaid leaves. Reporting the leaves to HR is important because a missed day may lead to a deduction in the salary and the benefits. The software can be customized to set the attributes of the paid and unpaid leaves. HR can add or modify the leave status such as paid leaves, sick leaves and annual leaves etc. The software is integrated with the employee database that is why the results of the attendance will be added to the employee database profile.
Payroll integration
The section payroll integration allows HR to directly store the data of the employee’s daily attendance in the payroll management system directly. The time attendance managementis fully automated and integrated so there will not be data loss or duplication. The HR can integrate the attendance management with other sections upon request. The software generates the reports whenever it receives data from the attendance system.
Calendar integration
The attendance management system can be integrated with the digital calendar such as Outlook and Google calendars. The calendar integration lets everybody know about the holidays or the special events coming up. The HR can customize the calendar according to their requirements. The HR can add leaves and special events to be paid as overtime or annual leaves. The calendar integration is also vital when organizations working remotely so they can mark the attendances on the behalf of the calendar.
Security is the major aspect of the attendance software. The HR with special permission can access the data otherwise no one can view or manipulate the data of the attendance. The software grants permission to a particular employee to see its own attendance details. The files are encrypted and integrated, the data is safe and reliable. Only HR can view the whole data, the HR can customize the security policy to allow someone from the management to have access to the attendance data.
The Cloud-based software capability makes the Forsa HR completely different and reliable from the rest of the attendance software available in the market. The attendance is recorded in the software automatically. The reports against the daily, weekly and monthly attendances are generated by the system automatically. These reports are linked with the employee database so HR can get the attendance calculation of an employee easily.
Mobile Support
The attendance management software can be accessed through mobile phones. Cell phones can easily be integrated with the software. Being on the cloud makes the Forsa HR accessible globally. The HR can access the software anytime and anywhere. The mobile support feature allows the employees to time in and out working remotely. So wherever you are with Forsa HR the employees can mark their attendees and the HR has the tendency to view all the attendance activities remotely.
Attendance Summary
The Section attendance summary generates the reports against the attendee recorded in the system. The summary of the attendance is sent to the HR and employee database section for the approval of the salary and benefits. The summary contains information such as working hours, overtime, average timeout, paid leaves and salary deductions etc. The HR can only view this information, the data is encrypted and saved from theft.
Attendance Reports
The sections attendance reports generate the reports against the data collected from the employee attendance software. The attendance reports can influence the reputation of an employee from bad to good or from good to bad. These reports are integrated with the employee database and employee evaluation departments. So the reports are sent to the responding department directly. It saves time and energy to look on the system for some specific file with Forsa HR attendance software everything comes is sorted and saved and accessible. These reports are very vital in terms of employee evaluation. The software generates these reports automatically generated but the HR can generate the reports on-demand as well.