Training & Development Software

ForsaHR provides the most efficient employee Training and Development Software in Dubai.  It motivates the workforce to become more successful and excel in their field. However, it is only possible if they are knowledgeable about the job.

During Training and Development programs, many factors get considered, including the purpose of training and duration. It explains the advantages of taking training for the employees. Our software ensures that the problems get solved, and queries get answered whenever there is any. The issues can occur before, during, or after the training.

The primary responsibility of ForsaHR is that if the employee is having trouble, they get solved quickly. It makes it clear that the ForsaHR is responsible for the entire procedure of training.

This software allows the firms to handle all the substantial tasks, including the hurdles on time. Training Module Development Software in Dubai also enables the company to integrate all the essential tools of the system. ForsaHR covers most of the training and development requirements in just one click. We are your priority and ultimate solution to all your training and development errors.

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What ForsaHR will benefit you?

Simple and Clear Interface
The interface of the ForsaHR is quick, user-friendly, and accurate. It means that it is possible to set up a system of Training and Development. The other advantage is that it is a built-in software which makes it automated. In this way, employees get notified via alerts or pop-up messages regarding new updates. HR can easily add more than one software, depending on their requirements. All these tasks get done rapidly.
Training Lists
Training and Development Software in Dubai enables the HR department to add training lists in the software. Additionally, it also manages the list of employees in one go. This software's features include the number of employees, training date, trainer profile, and activities. All these features get added to the database. These training lists are significant because it helps in performance evaluation of employees. It also lets the company know the progress of employees.
Training Evaluations
It is essential to evaluate the training of employees. It is valuable because training is useless without proper feedback. Therefore, this section considers the training of employees. Whether the demands meet or not, training evaluations are a must. Training Evaluation includes data of employees under training, trainer profile, progress, cost, and estimated time.
Performance Analysis
Its purpose is to analyze the performance of employees during their training sessions. Training Module Development Software in Dubai generates a report on the training sessions of employees. It allows them to check if there is any progress. In addition, HR gives feedback on the improvement or poor performance of the employees.
Tracking and Automation
Training and Development System sends an alert or notification to the employees regarding training programs. It means that HR doesn't have to separately or manually inform employees about it, thus making it convenient. The notifications get sent via email or mobile apps. If the employees miss the training sessions, they can get a notice to reschedule them. It shows that this software has made the process easier than before.
Training Placement
Training and Development Software in Dubai provides a feature of training placement. It allows the management to decide and occupy the place for training sessions. There is also an option of online training sessions, but this feature is usually for the physical ones. Therefore, training Placement is dependent on the choice of HR and management.
Mobile App
ForsaHR is the ultimate solution and should be the priority of firms for their HR hurdles. It enables the Mobile App feature, which facilitates its users for tracking. The primary purpose is to allow users to track all their training sessions. It also helps the employee to get aware of their training schedule. It includes the details, such as place, timings, and trainer profile.
Why ForsaHR’s Training & Development Software?
This ForsaHR module is an automated and cloud-based software. If you are tired of the conventional employee training and development methods, this should be your final stop because ForsaHR works according to the modern era and requirements. It means that there is no more hassle of paperwork and other time-consuming tasks. Forsa HR has allowed the digital concept of training and development.
Save Time & Money With ForsaHR
Training Module Development Software in Dubai saves much time and money for the HR and employees. It also keeps the employees maintaining their energy during the training sessions. Not only employees, but it is also very convenient and less time-consuming for HR because of an automated system. It allows the firm to carry out the training session of a large workforce without any complications. This software also provides an online assessment, so there are no manual errors. All this process gets conducted without any delays and mistakes.
It is generally difficult for organizations to balance the workload during online sessions. It is challenging because HR has to handle both data and employees at the same time. ForsaHR has provided online training and development sessions to control it successfully to get rid of this problem.