Training & Development Software

ForsaHR offers the most advanced Training Database Software. It improves employees’ abilities to work efficiently; thus, subsequently increasing the value of their work. It means that the employee’s investment is equally important, just like the company’s investment.

The purpose of this software is to assist in the growth of a business. The employees will work more efficiently if they get trained for their projects. It also prepares them to overcome the challenges so the company doesn’t stay at a loss. As a result, an employee is better prepared to anticipate and deal with unexpected challenges that may arise.

These training sessions motivate employees to work efficiently. Training Software enables the companies to help employees in training; thus, preparing them to work productively. It is encouraging because employees can avoid loss in the future.

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What ForsaHR will benefit you?

Simple and Clear Interface
ForsaHR designed this module for the accomplishments of employees. That's why it got made with a simple interface. A user-friendly interface ensures an accurate feature throughout the process. On the contrary, manual training and development come with a time-consuming and human errors process. Manual methods also don't provide customizable features; thus, making it a conventional technique. The companies need to get their hands-on ForsaHR's Training Administration Software to work with an advanced system.
Training Lists
The process goes smoothly by adding training lists to the system. Sections get comprised of a total number of employees, training date, trainer information. All the data gets placed in a centralized location so that all employees can access it simultaneously. A section of employees' performance also gets added to the training list. If the employee's performance improves, then they no longer stay on the training list.
Training Evaluations
When the training gets going on, the employee's performance gets evaluated. Also, when the training gets completed, a thorough evaluation gets done to check the employee's skills. London Training Software provides an automated training evaluation. Just like in training lists, sections also get made in-training evaluations. These sections make it uncomplicated to keep track of employees' performance throughout the training session.
Performance Analysis
This feature is the same as training evaluation except that a detailed analysis gets provided in it. It is a report in which the performance of employee gets mentioned along with the improvement. This report analysis gets offered to both employees and the company. It is the responsibility of HR to let the employee know if the performance got adequate.
Tracking and Automation
It is the job of firms to inform employees about training sessions. It is a smooth process because the administration does not have to notify employees manually. Training Database Software also sends the notifications automatically, making them more accessible. HR no longer needs to rely on a manual system. Forsa HR exclusively designed this software to lessen the work for HR. A feature of notification alerts also gets provided, so the employee and company stay on the same page. It means that if the employees miss the training sessions for any reason, they get alerted.
Training Placement
This function refers to the placement of employees who require training. As technology advances, so does the training sessions. As a result, employees can access training from any location with an internet connection. Physical training sessions are also important, but online sessions are more convenient these days. Training Software is the best option for any company. ForsaHR is the industry leader in human resource management software, ensuring a higher success rate.
Mobile App
Forsa HR's mobile app is the best solution to HR challenges. This feature of the mobile app is more convenient because it allows employees to track their training sessions. They get able to track the location, timings, and profile of their trainer. A schedule gets given on the app, which also gets integrated with the Google Calendar, Outlook. It sends the notification in case the session gets missed.
Why Forsa HR’s Training & Development Software?
As it is a Training Administration Software, it provides built-in features. By using Forsa HR's advanced system, you can get rid of conventional methods. Clients also prefer the companies which use advanced techniques for their employees. Therefore, use Forsa HR's Training and Development Software. In this world of advanced technology, there is no room for old and time-consuming processes.
Save Time & Money With Forsa HR
Forsa HR provides a comprehensive solution to all HR challenges. It is also a helpful software that can easily handle the workload. It also includes the online assessment of employees from time to time to avoid future errors. With the help of Forsa HR, companies can conduct large-scale training sessions for employees; thus, saving time for both HR and employees. London Training Software ensures an inclusive system within budget and time management.
It can be challenging to handle the employees who work remotely. It can also get complicated for the employees to manage training sessions remotely. Therefore, a cloud-based system assists in conducting online sessions effectively. With the help of this software, HR can overcome all the challenges faced during remote training sessions.