FORSA’s Shift Management
System Software

It is generally difficult for big firms to schedule employees in several shifts. It becomes more complicated and time-consuming if an individual is in charge of organizing the shifts. By successfully implementing shift management, a firm can ensure productivity. As a result, it decreases labor costs. Shift management gets done once it gets repeated over and over because it is a continuous task. It can become more complicated if done manually; thus, the best shift management software is required. A few years ago, it was difficult for a small organization to obtain shift management software. Forsa HR has removed this barrier. Businesses can get Employee Shift Management Software at a low cost. Forsa HR is a cloud-based service that provides its clients with the most dependable services.

Forsa HR gets commonly referred to as the best shift management software provider. We are constantly attempting to provide solutions that meet the needs of our clients at Forsa HR.  Furthermore, we are focusing on developing solutions to meet future needs. Because our system is entirely customizable, it is ideal for organizations of all sizes. The software has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to edit, add, or remove any functionality easily.


What Forsa HR will benefit you?

The shift management layout is created in such a way that it projects a user-friendly interface. Moreover, all of the processes and actions only get available to provide users with easy access. The shift management software contains the employee's name as well as the working hours. Employee break times are also a part of shift management. However, the records can get easily added to the shift management system by the employer. It also allows the users to add various documents to the system at the same time. The system enables the user to add, modify, or delete shift records.
Working Hours
The working hours get divided into three parts by shift management: shift hours, shift start and shift end. Employee Shift Management System assists in identifying the work done by the employees. These operating hours are beneficial once divided because it is easy to understand. The records get saved in the section of the employee's name in the system. However, these records are critical for calculating an employee's working hours. Therefore, multiple units can get recorded into the operating hours of this software. Our shift management system is adaptable; thus, allowing the user to tailor the working hours to their specific needs.
Break Hours
Break hours are the amount of time an employee takes off from work. It gets calculated by the system based on the start and end times of the break. Considering the number of break hours, it gets challenging to handle it. Because of this reason, shift management aligns the break hours with the working hours. Thus, it helps in quickly calculating the working hours and break hours. Furthermore, the shift management system is fully adjustable, thus allowing the user or employer to set break times based on their needs. Moreover, the shift management system makes adding, modifying, and deleting records from the procedure relatively simple
Record Management
Record management is a feature added to Employee Shift Management Software. It allows its users to modify, add, or delete records. The software enables the user to create active or inactive forms and delete or edit them. Furthermore, the software displays employee records ranging from 10 to 100. It also has the feature to add multiple sections of employee records. All of these records get saved and displayed in a centralized location. It makes it easier to access the areas making them more convenient and dependable.
Adding New Shift Records
Users can add new records to the system using shift management software. This process gets done by adding the papers to the system in the section of the employee's name. As a result, it includes the shift's start and end times, along with break management. When the user adds new records, the software displays them. These records can get easily edited, added to, and deleted from the database. In addition, shift management divides shift records into half-day and full-day shifts. The employer has no restrictions on adding new records to the system; thus, they can add multiple documents at once.
For more than two decades, cloud-based software has served firms. It assists them in improving the productivity of businesses and cost control. As a result, they get capable of providing a competitive advantage. Cloud-based is one of the advanced features of Forsa HR, along with its other outstanding features. However, it is difficult for a large corporation to manage the records manually. For making the work easier for companies, Forsa HR provides cloud-based Employee Shift Management Software. It enables users to control their documents from anywhere. The cloud-based facility also improves the system's security and reliability. Furthermore, the cloud-based presence makes Forsa HR more accessible to a more significant number of users.
Unified Place
Forsa HR centralizes all the critical aspects of shift management. All information, such as employee name, shift timings and break timings, get accessible from a single location. Users don't need to visit another website to make changes. Shift management got mainly designed to provide a one-way solution for all shift management tasks. Sometimes, vendors don't offer all of these features in one location. Forsa HR's shift management is unique and dependable due to the centralized placement of the activities.
Forsa HR's shift management system is customizable. Employees can get added by users based on their needs. Furthermore, the working hours are entirely customizable; thus, the user can enter any work hours. Working hours are also referred to as morning, evening, or night shifts. The system also allows employees to manage their break time. Employee records can get edited, modified, or deleted by the employer or the user using shift management.