FORSA’s Shift Management
System Software

It can get complicated for large corporations to schedule employees in multiple shifts. But Forsa HR can help you with that because it has introduced an advanced feature. When one person is in charge of organizing the shifts, it becomes more challenging and time-consuming. A company can increase productivity by using Shift Management. In addition, it helps in reducing labor costs. Invest in good software rather than investing in a good manager. It is a hectic task that keeps continuing. So, ease down your work and use suitable software. It is right to say that managing shifts of the employees is challenging. Therefore, shift management software is helpful for organizations that use multiple shifts. The software takes care of allotting shifts to employees on a weekly or monthly basis. Employees may request compensatory time off for working on holidays and double duty. The shifts get managed following the organization’s policies.

When the employees work in shifts, you can give them the option of choosing their hours; thus, making them more productive. Employees who set their schedules have more control over how they spend their days; therefore, allowing them to maintain a work-life balance. Forsa HR’s Shift Management Software has removed the impediment of managing shifts. It is available at a low cost to businesses. This cloud-based software offers the most dependable services to its clients. Therefore, Forsa HR gets called the best provider of the shift management system. We are working hard to provide solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Our approach is ideal for organizations of all sizes because it is entirely customizable. The software has a simple interface that allows you to edit, add, or remove any function easily.


What Forsa HR will benefit you?

The shift management layout gets designed to project a simple and easy interface. Shift Management allows the processes to the users who have access to it. It includes the employee's name, working hours, and break time. The records can get easily added to the shift management system by HR. It also enables users to upload multiple sections to the design and create, delete, and modify.
Working Hours
Shift management divides the working hours into three parts: shift hours, shift start and shift end. Thus, it aids in identifying the work performed by employees. It is better to divide the shifts into three parts because they get simple to comprehend. All the sections get mentioned with the employee's name. Once the cells get made, it gets easier to calculate each employee's working hours with shifts. As a result, multiple units can get recorded in the Shift Management App. Because our shift management system is adaptable, users can customize their working hours to the specific requirements.
Break Hours
The amount of time an employee takes off from work gets referred to as break hours. The system computes it based on the start and end times of the break. It becomes challenging to manage, given the number of break hours. Therefore, it gets better if shift management coordinates the break times with the working hours. Thus, it makes it easier to calculate the break hours. This system is customizable so that they can adjust it anyway. Shift Management Software makes it easy to add, modify, and delete records from the database.
Record Management
Record Management is also a part of this system, allowing proper documents of employees' data. In addition, the software shows employee records ranging from 10 to 100. It also allows you to add multiple sections to employee records. All of these records get saved and displayed in a suitable place. It makes the system more smooth, easy, and trustworthy.
Adding New Shift Records
The users can add new shift records by making sections into the system. These sections include the start and end times of the shift. The system alerts HR whenever a new section gets added. Just like the other features, these records can also get edited, added, and deleted. Shift Management also enables the division of these records into shifts. i.e., morning, evening, and night. The administration has no restrictions on adding new records to the system. This process can get done anywhere with an internet connection.
Accessibility is a significant advantage of cloud-based systems. It is necessary to have the ability to access the software from any device with internet access. It allows you to generate and change schedules from anywhere; thus, eliminating the need to run back into the office to see who is working or when they are working. Collaboration also gets available in the Shift Management App. Some cloud systems allows employees to use software features from home as well. That means they can find replacements for shifts that are unable to work. In such cases, additional shifts become available. Finally, for anyone concerned about its benefits, cloud systems provide many advantages as well. Cloud-based software allows you to customize the size of your server capacity; thus, ensuring that you never use more than necessary.
Unified Place
Forsa HR centralizes all essential shift management aspects. Employee names, shift times, and break times are all accessible from a suitable location. Users do not get required to visit another website to make changes. Shift management got developed primarily to provide an ultimate solution for all shift management tasks. Sometimes clients do not offer all of these features in the exact location. Because of the centralized location of the activities, Forsa HR's shift management is unique and trustworthy.
The shift management system offered by Forsa HR is adaptable. HR and administration can add employees based on their requirements. Furthermore, the working hours get entirely customizable, allowing the user to enter any work hours. Employees can also manage their break time and working hours using the system.