Digitize the process of Recruitment!

Recruitment Managment System

Forsa HR has introduced the Recruitment Management System to make the recruiting process less tiring. Every company needs to hire potential clients with exceptional talent and capability to do the job. It is a step-by-step procedure where the candidate is shortlisted, interviewed, and then hired. It is preferred to hire the best candidate for the job who is talented, motivated, punctual, and confident. If you are currently struggling with hiring a potential job-seeker, then Forsa HR is your best choice. This system aims to look for potential candidates, so it benefits both job seekers and the company.

Forsa HR has introduced this comprehensive system to analyze the resumes, past experiences, and performance reviews of employees. Recruitment features vary according to the job candidate. Job posting, application, engagement, and connections get made in which most of them are automated. It also includes scheduling interview calls, shortlisting, and hiring. For example, the Recruitment Agency Management System uses algorithms to look for candidates who fit their job profile. The candidates are then shortlisted according to their ranking and then called for the interview.


What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Job Requisitions
The first step is requisition, in which the HRM department designs a draft of the ideal candidate. This draft gets comprised of skills, qualifications, experiences, workload, and responsibilities. It gets posted on different channels and the company's website. It can also refer to a request to hire new clients. If HR provides a detailed purpose of the job, then there are more chances of many applications. The administration or HR can change or edit the job requirements anytime. HR Recruitment Management System allows the feature of posting multiple job requisitions as well. HR can edit or modify this at any time simply with an internet connection. It also lists down the cost required in job hiring, thus making it an advanced system.
Job Applications
Job Application can refer to a document to fill the requirements of the job by the applicants. These applicants can apply from where the job requisition got posted. It can be a website or any other channel which got previously mentioned. Job Applications are necessary because it helps in carrying out the process in a flow. Online Recruitment Management System efficiently organizes these applications making it easier for HR to understand. It includes the applicant's source, expected salary, compensation range, age, experience, and qualifications. This system makes it easier for the administration to analyze the applicant's capability to do the job.
Applicants' Status
This feature is regarding the application stage of the process. It analyzes the job capability of applicants and if they meet the requirements of the job. The HR and administration take the decision here whether they want to proceed with the application. The following steps get taken based on this decision. Sometimes, it gets posted on their provided channel or website where applicants can check the company's decision. Recruitment Management System eliminated the need for applicants to waste their time visiting the company. This system has made the hiring process much easier than the conventional methods. The automated system creates a list of selected candidates.
Interview & Assessment
The next step is the interview calls. Candidates get usually asked about their working time, salary packages, and commitment to the organization. If the candidate is selected, then job formalities like documentation and signature get done. All of this data gets done through this software which only authorized members can access. The software is beneficial because it gets the job done quickly and in less time. This automated system helps in assessing interviews as well. Recruitment Agency Management System issues an interview evaluation form. In this form, the minor details of employees get evaluated to make the perfect selection for the company.
Offer Letter
It is a formal letter that gets sent to the selected candidates. The offer letter clears the terms of the job so that employees and HR stay on the same page. Even if a job finalizes over a phone or email, it follows by an offer letter. It contains job position, salary, perks, benefits, leaves, rules, and regulations. Sometimes, the job terms vary depending on the experience of employees. It can get customized based on their interview and assessment. HR Recruitment Management System has made the work easier for both applicants and the company.
Reports & Analysis
The company doesn't lose if they keep a constant check on their recruiting team and process. If the hiring procedure is facing any shortcomings, then it can get dealt with on time. Forsa HR provides an advanced system that subsequently benefits the company in every way. The analysis also helps in determining whether their channels are working favorably. It is a thorough procedure that keeps checks on the minor details as well. Therefore, Forsa HR is your best option for Recruitment.
Support & Service
Forsa HR's Online Recruitment Management System in Lahore Forsa takes care of all your hiring-related questions. Our professionals are here to help you. You can reach us at any time, and we will gladly assist you with any questions. Our software company provides a complete solution to your recruitment processes.