Digitize the process of recruitment!

Recruitment Managment System

Forsa HR has introduced Recruitment Management System Software for its clients to make it convenient for them. Every firm looks for people who have the potential to do their job. Furthermore, talent and skills are also a must-have in any recruit. The process of Recruitment goes through many stages. First, they get shortlisted, then interviewed, and finally hired. It is preferable to hire the most qualified candidate for the job who has talent, is punctual, and believes in oneself—every firm, whether big or small, runs a recruiting process. Therefore, Forsa HR is the best option because it eases down the tasks for its clients. It benefits both job seekers and the company

Forsa HR’s Web-Based Recruitment Management System is an inclusive service for companies. It thoroughly analyzes employees’ CVs, prior experiences, and experience letters. Recruitment characteristics differ depending on the job candidate. Job postings, applications, commitments, and connections all get made, most of them automated. It also gets comprised of interview calls, shortlisting, and hiring. The system automatically searches for candidates who match their job profiles using algorithms. The candidates are then shortlisted based on their ranking and invited to the interview.


What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Job Requisitions
The first step is requisition when the HR department creates a draught of the ideal candidate. It includes information such as skills, qualifications, experiences, work potential, and responsibilities. RMS Recruitment Management System helps in distributing the draft on various platforms. Some companies can also post it on their website like Google Forms. It can also get used to describe a request to hire new clients. It is preferred if HR enlists a thorough job description; thus, making it easier for the applicants to understand the nature of the job. HR department and the recruiting team have a choice to edit the details in the job description. This system also allows posting multiple job requisitions. It also provides a breakdown of the cost demanded while hiring candidates.
Job Applications
Job Application refers to a document used by applicants to fill out the job requirements. The Recruitment Database Management System enables the candidates to apply for the job from anywhere. These job applications get posted on social media platforms and the company's website. Job applications are required because they aid favorably in the recruiting process. These job applications get thoroughly structured; thus, making it easy to understand for recruiting team and candidates. It contains information about the applicant's source, expected salary, compensation range, age, experience, and qualifications. This system facilitates the administration's evaluation of the applicant's ability to perform the job.
Applicants' Status
This feature pertains to the application status of candidates. It assesses applicants' job capabilities and whether they meet the job's requirements. HR and administration decide whether or not to proceed with the application at this point. The further steps get taken in Recruitment Software after HR takes the decision. Finally, the final decision gets uploaded on the website and social media platforms. In this way, candidates don't have to visit the company to know whether or not they got selected. This advanced method of Recruitment has made it easier for the company to hire potential candidates. Now, the companies can rely on this service by Forsa HR.
Interview & Assessment
The interviews are the next step in Forsa HR's recruiting process. Candidates get questioned about their working hours, salary packages, and dedication to the organization. If the candidate gets chosen, job formalities such as documentation and signature get completed. This data receives processed using software that only authorized members have access to. Therefore, the Recruitment System is applicable because it meets the task quickly and efficiently. The interviews can also get evaluated with the help of an interview evaluation form. It helps in assessing every detail of candidates to make the best choice for the company.
Offer Letter
An offer letter gets sent to the candidates who got chosen. It clarifies the job terms so that employees and HR get aware of them. Even if a job gets finalized over the phone or via email, an offer letter gets sent. The job title, salary, perks, benefits, leave, rules, and regulations get mentioned in this letter. Based on the prior experience of the employees, job terms can get different from other new candidates. In addition, it can get customized to their job requirements based on their interview evaluation. Recruitment CRM Systems has facilitated the work of both applicants and the company.
Reports & Analysis
Forsa HR is your best option for Recruitment because it helps in the analysis as well. The company will not suffer if they keep a close eye on their recruiting team and process. If there are any flaws in the hiring process, they can get addressed quickly. Forsa HR offers an advanced system that benefits the company in every way. The analysis also aids in determining whether their channels are functioning properly. It is a meticulous procedure that pays attention to even the most minor details.
Support & Service
Forsa HR's Online Recruitment Software keeps a close eye on every stage of recruiting process. Our expert team will assist you in facing your challenges. We will gladly help you at any time. We believe in our software because it is a complete package for your recruitment process.