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Recruitment Managment System

Recruitment is a time-consuming and stressful process. It contains extensive paperwork as well as confidential documents. As a result, it can become more challenging to deal with at times. So, the entire process demands a larger workforce and more resources for program execution. Are you currently dealing with problems in your current software? Is it not resolving all your issues? Some of the reasons include your problem being too advanced or demanding intensive guidance. We are here to help you with Forsa HR, which has plentiful advantages.

Forsa HR is implementing a comprehensive HR Recruitment Management System in Dubai for all employees. We are one of the most credible and well-known brands. Furthermore, our recruitment software is complete, secure, and simple to use. The recruitment software allows you to get rid of paperwork and replace it with a digital and secure method. By using this recruitment software, management can control all activities on their own. In this way, automated recruitment software allows HR and recruitment agencies to perform recruitment more productively!


What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Job Requisitions
The job requisition is the first place in the recruitment process. It allows management to post the petition for recruitment in the specific department. The manager, on the other hand, can specify the department where the job is required. It includes the job title, number of vacancies, employment type, location, and salary range. You can also specify the purpose of the job posting.
Furthermore, the job requisition is about the details of the job requirements. The administration and HR can access the software remotely to edit or change the job requirements. You can post multiple job requisitions using Forsa HR recruitment software.
Job Applications
A job application is an official document that the firm requires applicants to fill to get the job. The job seekers can apply through a website or any other platform provided by the company. HR uses job applications because they provide a consistent format with the same questions. Everyone who applies for the job position must answer. Employers can easily compare each applicant's background and work experience. HR Recruitment Management System in Dubai organizes the applications to make them easier to understand and use. It gets comprised of the job seeker's source, expected and current salary ranges, age, gender, experience, and qualifications. Applications get received through job boards, social media platforms, the system's career page, resume import, or candidate referral.
Applicants' Status
The applicants' status refers to the application stage in the overall process of looking for work. Some companies provide candidates with online tools that allow them to track their status on their own. However, some may need to contact the hiring manager to inquire about the position. As a result, the application status in recruitment software projects the rate against the number of applications received. Furthermore, the managers of the relevant departments make the final decision on selection or rejection. Because of the application status, the hiring process is accurate and fast-paced. The software automatically creates lists of successful applicants; these lists are helpful in the hiring process. The successful applicants get contacted for further consideration, not the rejected ones.
Interview & Assessment
Interviewers should try to put the candidate at ease by using standardized rapport-building questions. It is also necessary to explain the remainder of the interview's agenda. It assists both the selection committee and the candidate in making the most of the limited time available. Using an interview evaluation form can assist in ensuring a fair assessment. If there is disagreement, the form results serve as an excellent jumping-off point for further debate and discussion. More complete rating forms are available. These days, online interviews are in trend. As a result, the software allows conducting online interviews. Online interviews and online assessments are both practical tools for recruiting candidates. All this got easier and effective with HR Recruitment Management System in Dubai.
Offer Letter
An offer letter is a formal document that gets sent to candidates who get chosen for employment. It's an excellent initiative to have written confirmation of an offer so that both the employee and HR know the job's terms. If a job offer is finalized over the phone or via email, it will undoubtedly get followed by a formal letter. It confirms employment details such as job description, salary, benefits, paid leave, and management structure. In addition, the job offer may get conditional on the new employee, such as a background or reference check. Finally, as a result of accepting the offer letter, the job gets finalized. Forsa HR provides offer letter templates that can get fully customized. Furthermore, HR can customize it based on the requirements, making it easier for the applicant to give.
Reports & Analysis
It is favorable for the company to monitor and track its recruiting process and make any necessary improvements. It helps in determining which channels deliver the most candidates and which stages require more attention. The team can quickly identify shortcomings, so the actions get taken to improve performance and effectiveness. Forsa HR offers comprehensive automated analytics and reporting to help in enhancing the hiring process. HR Recruitment Management System in Dubai makes better decisions every time.
Support & Service
Forsa HR answers all of your questions about the hiring process. Our team of experts is available to assist you. You can reach us anytime. Our staff will gladly help you with queries. Our support services get designed to help you and provide basic software training. We are a Forsa HR recruitment software company that offers a comprehensive solution to your hiring or recruitment procedures.