FORSA’s Payroll Management
System Software

FORSA HR, the leading HR and payroll management system software, is trusted by clients worldwide. Today’s business world has greatly benefitted from its easily customized features. It serves all; small, mid-sized, and large-scale businesses. Moreover, it is ideal for startups.

FORSA HR offers the much-needed touch of automation. So, it saves you time and energy. Also, it helps you achieve your organizational goals more efficiently. Therefore, our payroll processing services comply well with your organization by using accurate and real-time information.

It should be noted that our efficient HRMS Payroll Management Software is ideal for organizing your company’s payroll. Furthermore, this software automates your tasks consistently and reliably. In addition to that, it streamlines payment-related tasks like tax collections and other benefits.


What Forsa HR will benefit you?

FORSA HR’s employee and payroll management system is extremely important to automate your company’s money matters. Hence, this system is ideal for today’s payroll managers. Moreover, this system significantly improves the quality of your payroll services. Also, this much needed touch of automation helps you and your organization in the following ways:
Secured Data
Firstly, payroll data is sensitive. It contains the employee’s personal information. It includes all financial reports, codes, the bank details, email addresses etc. Thus, paper record of such important information is not a good idea. For this reason, FORSA HR’s employee and payroll management system can help you keep your data safe and secure. This system keeps the data password protected. And finally, only the authorized personnel will have access to it.
Elude Errors
Secondly, with FORSA HR’s automated payroll system, you can ensure error-free payroll management. It takes time to maintain manual record-keeping. This eventually ensures rapid and reliable payroll services. Additionally, with the option to directly deposit your finds, this system automates your tax and bonus calculation and saves you from unnecessary bank visits.
Mechanized Calculations
FORSA HR’s HR and payroll management system software automatically calculates the salaries.
Moreover, this system is integrated to automatically calculate the working days, the overtime, leaves and other details. Furthermore, this allows you to have a well-organized process of calculating salaries.
Customized Salaries
Yes, who doesn’t like the option to manage customized salaries? So, with FORSA HR, this is actually possible. Moreover, you also get to enjoy other benefits like bonuses, commission, home allowance and paid leaves. Also, you can save and view your employee’s salary data with this automated system. Finally, this customization designates the salaries according to each employee’s position and benefits in the company.

Payroll with Multi-Currency
Undoubtedly, FORSA HR payroll management software is a treat for all your remote employees as well. Furthermore, it is an ideal choice for the multinational corporations with employees coming from various backgrounds.
Contract Creation
This feature is extremely important. This eventually automates the process of updating your data whenever a new employee comes in. You can also include the duration of the contract, salary benefits, work permit, paid leaves, etc. Furthermore, you can also generate automatic reports and make modifications when needed.
Documents Upload
In addition, the employees can provide the documents and simply upload them on demand. Similarly, the documents related to support the transactions such as CSV and XLS files can easily be uploaded to the system.
Payroll Reports
FORSA HR’s automated payroll processing services has all the details of all employee’s salary history. In addition to that, it includes an employee’s advances, pay/day, cheques and expenses. Also, you can conveniently generate the payroll reports reliably and conveniently.
It should be noted that the managers can make timesheet-based contracts. Therefore the salaries of the employees depend upon the timesheets submitted by managers.
Visibility and Control
Our HR management and payroll system software has a clear and concise data about all employees. So, you can swiftly access it whenever you need it. It also improves the search system of all your data. In addition to that, the manager has a complete control of all the data and they can amend it as per the organization’s needs.
Yes that’s right! Our payroll processing services are completely cloud-based. Moreover, this automation is the need of the hour. It also allows remote accessibility to the system from wherever it is needed. So, it is the much-needed innovative solution for all the present corporate workforces.
Credit History
Last but not the least, the credit history includes all the employee’s details. You can also access the employee’s debit and credit history with the repayment schedule. Furthermore, this system has all the data of the employees’ history. This eventually allows the managers to make amends whenever it is required.