Goodbyes are a part of life. But who says they have to be hard?

Fórsa HR software provides exit management solutions that make saying goodbye easier. Our exit management software allows employees to place a resignation request and the management to accept or reject it.

Modern, Customizable, Tightly Integrated

Like the rest of Fórsa, its exit management module is sleek and modern, greatly simplifying the exit process. Although it is designed to automate all tasks related to an employee’s exit, it can be tailored to your requirements. In addition, once an employee has resigned, the exit management software, which is integrated with the other modules of Fórsa HR software, will communicate with the payroll software so that the former employee’s name is removed from the payroll.

Why use Fórsa’s Exit Management Software?

Like other HR software, Fórsa works to cut down time and money spent on mundane HR tasks. However, Fórsa stands out thanks to the incorporation of business intelligent into the software. Therefore, one of the most beneficial features of Fórsa’s exit management software is the insight it provides into employee satisfaction in your company. In addition to facilitating the requesting and approval of resignations, the exit management module helps the company’s management and leadership draw conclusions about retention and turn-over rate.