Employee Database Management Software

Forsa HR has introduced an Employee Database that facilitates handling the information of the company’s employees. It is known for providing the best services to its customers for the database. It is a highly advanced technology for a reason. Every firm needs to maintain its report; thus, employee data management plays a significant role. The market reputation and financial status get balanced if any firm provides the best services. Furthermore, companies get the edge if their services get supplied to clients on time. For this purpose, it is essential to create strategies to make it work efficiently.

We at Forsa HR can proudly say that we take care of our clients’ needs.

Employee Database Software keeps a thorough check on every detail so that it stays away from mistakes. We believe that every company should acquire a comprehensive database for their employees. In this way, the clients also get satisfied with the company’s facilities. In addition, all the data gets located in a suitable location; thus, employees don’t have to access multiple platforms to check the data.


What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Profiles and Documents
The purpose of this feature is to make a list of employees' profiles and documents. It means that it contains all information of the employee; thus, this section should get secured. Employees can edit, modify or delete only if the HR department allows them to do so. Otherwise, the only HR department can perform these actions. Employee Management System ensures that all data successfully save in the system. It can also recover in case the data gets lost.
Employees Profiles
This section contains detailed information about employees. It includes the father's name, date of birth, job department, job position, joining date, email ID, and blood group. The employees can check their data at any time. It is because the data gets stored in a centralized location. This data can also get modified, deleted, or added.
Document Types
All company's documents have multiple documents, which further get divided into subtypes. Thus, this software makes different sections for each document type. It can also make a section for the document types which might get needed in the future. Staff Management System ensures to add all data in these sections to make it easier for HR to access. Document types include educational certificates, birth certificates, ID cards, and experience letters. More units or types can get added or deleted anytime.
Employee Documents
It is essential to manage the employee documents because they are an asset to the company. The companies can rely on this service by Forsa HR without any fear. By specifying the documents, the software will automatically organize the documents. In this way, HR can find the information by adding comparative data to the database. It also provides the feature of adding multiple copies simultaneously. It shows that Employee Database can successfully manage the entire process.
Assets to Employees:
Employee assets are another advantageous feature provided by this service. These assets can be fuel, mobile phone/sim card, laptop, food, and lodging. If the employee's performance doesn't get up to the mark for some reason, then HR can take it back. The software also adds the information of assets in one section. In this way, the employee can track their assets by checking the database. These benefits vary with every employee based on their job and performance. These assets can also get referred to as perks and benefits provided to the employees. Employee Database Software has made it convenient for HR to add multiple features to the company's database.
Indoctrination Plan
Forsa HR has designated a section for the company's introduction where they plan, and the administration's schedule gets mentioned. These plans are necessary because they serve as a guideline for policies. It also includes information about the company's environment and a synopsis of its policies. Employees' first contact with management occurs through indoctrination plans. You can create indoctrination plans for employees. Multiple indoctrination plans can get added to the software by HR. Additionally, this feature is only possible with the help of Forsa HR's Employee Management System.
Agenda Management
HR can add the plan to the upcoming projects using the agenda management feature. Additionally, the software allows for the addition of multiple programs, thus helping work before the deadline. As a result, whenever new demands arise, they can get entered into the database. It means that the software integrates the schedules into the training and database. This software has many features, which makes it advanced.
Employee ID Card Request
This feature gets directed to HR, who distributes the employee ID cards. It means that HR can add requests in the database to issue ID cards on time. This process is automated, so HR doesn't have to hassle manually for ID card distribution. In addition, HR and employees can track the status of an ID card in the Staff Management System. The ID cards get provided once the level gets completed.
Manage Probation Evaluations
Forsa HR can help you manage probation evaluations. This software can also store data collected in the assessment. It means that HR and administration can easily monitor probation without any fear of mistakes. You can also track the performance of new employees with the help of this software. It also provides the feature of backup in case the data gets deleted.
Competencies Management
The software adds competency assessments to evaluate employees' competency levels. Multiple competency tests for employees can get added using the software. The competency test, however, varies depending on the job title of the employee. Forsa HR's Employee Database provides multiple features; thus, making it the most intelligent software in the market.