Have you been meaning to sort through the enormous stack of files in the closet or the piles of paper on your desk?

Are you looking for document management solutions to help you out? Reduce that mess and never lose another document again, thanks to our document management software. The Document Management module of Fórsa HR software stores and retrieves human resources documents, keeping a record of the versions created and modified.

Comprehensive and Integrated

Fórsa document management software allows you to store different types of documents, ranging from employee documents to project proposals. Our HR software simultaneously stores employee birth certificates, resumes and identification information, MOUs, agreements, project proposals, policy manuals, and many other kinds of documents. In addition, residing within our comprehensive HR software, the document management software integrates with other modules such as the employee database, payroll software, and training module. As a result, information and documents are shared quickly.

Why use Fórsa’s Document Management Software?

Besides the quick sharing of information, cloud-based Fórsa document management software has a host of benefits. It makes data more accessible, and allows you to easily search for and find specific data that you need. It also keeps your data secure, making it immune to theft and loss. Furthermore, the document manager enhances collaboration within your workplace, as documents and information can be shared instantaneously and with ease. In addition to all its benefits to for your workplace, Fórsa HR software enables you to become more environmentally friendly by helping you save tons of paper. Opt for Fórsa document management solutions to declutter your desk and simplify your life. nd simplify your life.