Document Management Software

Forsa HR is a cloud-based Document Management Software in Dubai for businesses seeking a digital system. We are one of the most inventive and leading document management facilitators. However, we have been working for the betterment of the system for many years. Have you ever considered managing a large stack of files?

Forsa HR will digitally store all your paperwork. We’re here to give you a digital experience. So, abandon the traditional methods of managing your documents in files and folders.

Conventional procedures are time-consuming, and there is a risk of losing vital data. As a result, Forsa HR provides you with a cloud-based Document Management System Software in Dubai to handle your papers. The documents can get saved from any angle, from any location, and can get accessed remotely. So, if you are looking for a document manager to help you reduce enormous files, you’ve come to the right place. Forsa HR is your best bet because it saves the data. Also, it makes it available to employees whenever they need it. As a result, the software can keep track of who is accessing the papers.

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What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Unified Storage
Forsa HR allows you to save all your documentation in one location. The entire system has been integrated and unified. So, there is no need to keep your documents in many places. Document Management System in Dubai allows access to all papers in one location. We provide you with ample and secure space to preserve all your crucial documents online. Other functions integrated with the program include recruitment, payroll, an employee database, training and development, attendance, payroll. Furthermore, the papers get exchanged via the network at the same time. As a result, our software is faster and more efficient in terms of data storage. In addition, the record management system is cloud-based, so it is accessible at any time and from any location.
Employee Documents
Employees can use Forsa HR's document system to upload documents. As a result, the storage supplied to employees is secure and trustworthy and can get easily accessed anytime needed.
Furthermore, the Document Management Software in Dubai uploads many types of papers to the system. Resumes, employment proposals, job contracts, birth certificates, ID cards, qualification certificates are examples of such documents. The design, on the other hand, enables simple storage and access. As a result, papers uploaded by the employee are routed straight to the system for inspection. However, the software determines whether the uploaded documents adhere to the specified format. As a result, if the documents comply with the system's standards, alarms get sent to employees and HR.
Project Requisites/Proposals
Are you concerned about the status of your project files? Document Management System Software in Dubai features the document's space. Our documents space, on the other hand, will house your project proposals and project requirements files. Thus, the employee can easily save the project files to our system. Furthermore, the system keeps track of the data that get submitted and sends alerts to HR. Moreover, the project proposals or requirements contain essential data that must get handled with care. So, Forsa HR enables its users to upload critical recommendations and files swiftly and reliably.
Sharing is Caring
Forsa HR gives you comprehensive document control. Our software is unified and cloud-based, making it easy to share with others. As a result, staff can effortlessly exchange saved papers. Furthermore, the Document Management System in Dubai keeps track of the files that get shared across the network. When the system receives a file, it directs it to the appropriate section for further processing. In this way, you don't have to upload them again once you have uploaded your documents into our database.
Customise the Docs
The customized documents are the first to get processed by this software. The employee can change their records whenever they want using Forsa HR's system. The papers can get adjusted, edited, and organized indefinitely. As a result, we give entirely versatile document management tools. As a result, the theme of the documents can get changed. Moreover, the user can personalize it according to their preferences and needs by using Document Management Software in Dubai.
The program is linked and automated, so it oversees providing notifications to the process. Furthermore, at each level, the system delivers messages to the personnel and management. This area is critical in providing employees with guidelines and responses. However, it keeps a record of the files that are uploaded and generates feedback for the employees. It triggers the entry automatically; only HR can share the information with the employee.
Forsa HR's Document Management System Software in Dubai provides the uploader a review. As a result, you can proofread your document before uploading it. However, the document manager's capacity to examine documents makes it dynamic and adaptable. For example, the records get available for HR to review once the candidate saves the docs. Furthermore, if there are no concerns, the system will automatically approve them.
The document control program gives detailed criteria for document approval. Furthermore, HR can establish a standard for document approval. The software guarantees that you follow all safety steps when uploading the papers. Again, confirm that the documents are accurate and original. The software, on the other hand, prefers to approve or disapprove the documents. As a result, criteria have been integrated into the software to verify the legitimacy. HR can tailor the document's approval standards to meet their needs in Document Management System in Dubai. Hence the system stores approved files in the document management database. Furthermore, it sends the rejected files with instructions for resubmitting the papers.
Why use Fórsa HR’s Document Management Software?
The document management software enables staff to share papers across the network swiftly. The integration of the document's manager software allows for rapid file sharing. When a file gets uploaded, the system distributes it to the relative department at the same time. We keep track of who has access to the documents; therefore, the data is secure. It protects them from theft or loss. Furthermore, the software can save many files.