Attendance Management System

ForsaHR has introduced the Attendance Management System in Dubai to make it easier for HR and management. The primary purpose is to digitalize the conventional methods with the help of its automated system. This software is cloud-based which generates notifications and alerts to HR when anyone is absent. It also causes the records whenever HR needs to access them. This system is the best option for employees because it is eligible to manage all these functions simultaneously. It calculates the working hours, leaves, holidays, sick leaves, and overtime.

Our ForsaHR’S attendance management software is fully integrated and fit to carry out these functions. On top of everything, it also sends alerts to HR via email or mobile apps. Time Attendance Management System in Dubai allows check-in and check-out systems as well. It shows that this process is convenient and easy to understand.

It also provides the element of integrating other modules of ForsaHR as well. The added modules can be employee database, recruitment, and payroll. As this system is cloud-based, it is easier to access it from anywhere with an internet connection. ForsaHR allows one to get hands-on with the digital system instead of conventional manual methods. It takes care of all the problems which you might have faced previously.

attendance management


Manage Attendance
Every organization must keep track of how their employees spend their time, especially working with clients and providing hourly services. Therefore, attendance Management Software in Dubai is required to properly bill clients and reduce the amount of time HR managers and finance officers spend on administrative and attendance management tasks.
Time-In & Time-Out
The process of tracking work hours is time-in and time-out. It was always a manual system in the past. Employees may have completed a time card manually, but checking in and out helps more for tracking time. Some businesses replaced the utterly manual system with a simple time-in and time-out clock. The employees insert their card into the clock, which stamps the time they check-in or out. As technology is advancing, newer options for tracking time and attendance via time-keeping software became available.
Paid & Unpaid Leaves
Leaves are the primary component of any attendance management software. Therefore, it is necessary to have attendance software to manage the leaves of employees. Because the attendance record is essential to address the payroll, it can lead to a deduction in the salary or no bonus if the attendance doesn't get recorded. The attendance System in Dubai is customized, which can set the features of paid and unpaid leaves. HR can further add or edit the leave status such as paid leaves, sick leaves, annual leaves. This software also integrates with the database of every employee, so the record is also available to the employees. It allows them to manage the leaves accordingly.
Payroll integration
Payroll integration combines the time-attendance system and the payroll process. The automated process reduces manual errors and is more efficient.
Calendar integration
An Attendance Management System in Dubai can also get linked to digital calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook. It notifies everyone on the team of a person's availability. Calendar integrations are beneficial for remote teams because they allow you to quickly check on a person's attendance via a shared calendar.
The primary goal is to automate the attendance system and provide all employees or users with an authentic and secure database. Attendance can get tracked by scanning with a mobile phone from afar. In comparison, the secret-sharing security algorithm provides security by dividing the entire code into several private shares. As a result, it can only recover by authentic entities, ensuring the integrity and privacy of the information.
A cloud-based attendance management system allows for tracking the attendance of employees. The other function. i.e., approving and denying leave requests, generating detailed reports for payroll processing also get included in it. This system got designed to manage the workforce in a better way. Time Attendance System in Dubai is convenient and user-friendly for every firm. It allows for faster and more accurate tracking of employee time and attendance.
Mobile Support
Mobile phones can access the attendance management software. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates cell phones with the software. Because Forsa HR gets hosted in the cloud, it is accessible from anywhere in the world. Moreover, HR can access the software at any time and from any location. Furthermore, when working remotely, employees can use the mobile support feature to clock in and out. Employees can mark their attendance, and HR can view the attendance activities.
Attendance Summary
It generates reports based on the system's attendance records which get sent to the HR. It also gets added to the employee database for the form. Attendance Management Software in Dubai gets required for the salary and benefits to get approved. The summary includes working hours, overtime, average time-out, paid leaves, and salary deductions. As a result, HR only has access to this information because the data is encrypted and safe from theft.
Attendance Reports
The attendance reports get generated based on data collected from attendance software. Attendance reports can have an impact on an employee's reputation. Looking for a specific file with ForsaHR's attendance software saves time and energy. As a result, everything is organized, secure, and easily accessible. These reports are critical in terms of employee evaluation. The system generates these reports automatically, but HR can also cause them on demand.