Attendance Management System in Pakistan

Forsa HR has introduced Attendance Management System to keep track of employee’s hours. It was made explicitly for HR and management to convert conventional methods into digital systems. Thus, making it easier for them. The record of employee’s working hours and off-working hours gets accounted for in the document. This system keeps track of every hour. It is valuable if the employee is paid on an hourly basis because it gets easy to calculate.

This software by Forsa HR gets fully integrated. It is responsible for calculating working hours, leaves, holidays, sick leaves, and overtime. If an employee works overtime, then it automatically gets added to the system. In addition, our Forsa HR’s Attendance Management System in Pakistan ensures that employees’ chances of avoiding work also get reduced.

Employees record their work with time which is easy for the company to acknowledge their work. It also tells us whether the employee is punctual. For example, it is easy to know if the employee is updating his work with time. The time of employee entering and leaving the company also gets mentioned; check-in and check-out. It lets the company know if the employee has skipped or gone to work early. This way also enables the company to know if the employee’s number of leaves has exceeded.

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What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Manage Attendance
Every firm needs to record the attendance of its employees. It keeps the record of working hours and absentees; thus, the company gets a sense of employee's working potential. Attendance Management System Online has made it easier for the company to allow extra leaves. However, HR can also not allow for leaves if they have subsequently increased.
Time-In & Time-Out
The employees can time-in, time-out, take breaks, and log out using either card readers or scanners. Using card readers reduces the possibility of fraud or unauthorized checking in. It is much advanced than the manual system because it demands much time. The cons of using a manual system were that it required much time and was prone to mistakes. This advanced technology has allowed us to track time and attendance efficiently.
Paid & Unpaid Leaves
Paid and Unpaid leaves are the main element of Attendance Management System Software . It is mandatory because it updates the payroll system once the attendance gets added in the employee database. The salary earns deduct, or the bonus doesn't get added if there are many leaves. It is very crucial to record these leaves, so the employee doesn't get unsatisfied. It is challenging to keep track of leaves on registers; therefore, this software by Forsa HR got introduced to ease the tasks. The paid and unpaid leaves get managed accordingly, and the employee database also keeps updating. The access also gets provided to the employees so they can check on their own.
Payroll integration
The Attendance Management System can get integrated with detailed employee shift data. It can generate various attendance reports to calculate employee salaries and bonuses daily, weekly, or monthly. An integrated system eliminates the inaccuracies and inconveniences of conventional methods. It also reduces human error, making work attendance recording and schedule management a breeze.
Calendar integration
This system also gets integrated with the calendar like Google Calendar, Outlook. As a result, an employee receives a notification every time they get late or take a leave. It keeps them updated and aware of their schedule. It is also beneficial for remote employees because they can check-in attendance anywhere. It also notifies the management about the employee's availability.
The attendance Management System is automated and assures data security. Employees don't need to worry that their data could get modified or deleted unless they have access. Moreover, employees can track their attendance via mobile phones app as well. It doesn't matter how far the employee is; they can check their attendance anywhere. In case the file gets deleted, it can get recovered with the help of this advanced system.
It is a cloud-based system in which the user logins via Web or Mobile-App. Internet connections get required in this, and it records the attendance virtually wherever the user gets located. It is also an advanced method of attendance management in case of a large workforce which works efficiently. Attendance Management System Online has made the work faster than before. It is the accurate tracking of attendance.
Mobile Support
The attendance can get accessed via mobile phones. It integrates cell phones with the software easily. Forsa HR is accessible from anywhere in the world because it gets hosted in a cloud-based system. Furthermore, HR personnel can access the software at any time and from any location. Employees can also use the mobile support feature to check-in and out when working remotely. Employees can record their attendance, and HR can view the attendance records.
Attendance Summary
It keeps the summary of absentees since the day an employee starts working in a company. In some cases, an employee is not working accurately, but the company starts looking for a replacement worker in the previous records, so the time doesn't get wasted, and there is no work loss. In addition, attendance Management System Software allows HR to access data in one location.
Attendance Reports
Attendance reports get generated using data from the software. Therefore, attendance reports have the potential to harm an employee's reputation. Use Forsa HR's attendance software to find a specific file in no time. As a result, everything is well-organized, secure, and simple to access. These reports are essential for evaluating employees' performance.