Attendance Management System

Forsa HR has launched Attendance Management System to keep a record of employees’ working hours. ┬áIt got explicitly designed to convert traditional methods into digital systems to ease down work for HR. The document includes a description of the employee’s working and non-working hours. Every hour gets tracked by this system. Employees getting paid on an hourly basis is advantageous because it makes calculations easier.

Forsa HR’s software gets fully integrated. It is in charge of calculating working hours, vacation, sick leave, and overtime. When an employee works overtime, it gets automatically recorded in the system. Furthermore, Forsa HR reduces employees’ chances of avoiding work.

Time Attendance Management System allows employees to record their work with timestamps; thus, making it convenient for the company to check their attendance. It also indicates whether or not the employee is punctual. Therefore, it is simple to determine whether or not the employee is doing his work on time. The time an employee enters and exits the company also gets noted; check-in and check-out. It informs the company if an employee has skipped or arrived at work early. This method also allows the company to determine if an employee’s number of leaves increased than allowed.

attendance management

What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Manage Attendance
The Time and Attendance Management System got designed to assist the company in managing attendance. Employee's attendance details. i.e., working hours, absentees, paid leaves to get recorded in the database. It also aware the company about leaves whether or not leaves should get granted to employees. HR can deny the leaves if the employee has already availed of the granted leaves.
Time-In & Time-Out
Employees can use card readers or scanners to time-in, time-out, take breaks, and log out. Using card readers lowers the risk of fraud or unauthorized check-in. The manual system is not convenient as it demands much time. Absence Management keeps track of non-working days, and an advanced technique is suitable for that. The disadvantages of using a manual system were that it made many errors. However, this cutting-edge technology has enabled us to track time and attendance efficiently.
Paid & Unpaid Leaves
Paid and unpaid leaves are the main components of the Attendance Management System. It gets required because it updates the payroll system. Attendance management, payroll, and employee database get integrated, so it is a smooth process. If there are many leaves, the salary gets deducted, or the bonus doesn't get added. It is critical to keep track of these leaves so that the employee does not become dissatisfied with management. It is challenging to keep track of leaves on registers; thus, this software by Forsa HR got introduced to make the tasks easier. Staff Absence Management manages paid and unpaid leaves; therefore, the employee database gets kept up to date. Employees also get given access so that they can check on their own.
Payroll integration
The Attendance Management System gets integrated with employee payroll data. It can generate a variety of attendance reports. Traditional methods' faults and drawbacks get eliminated by an integrated system. However, many companies face troubles with payroll integration in attendance management. It calculates employee salaries and bonuses on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. For this purpose, Forsa HR is the best option because it smoothly runs the process.
Calendar integration
Time and Attendance Systems integrate with calendars such as Google Calendar and Outlook. In this way, an employee gets notified whenever they get late or take leaves. It keeps them informed and on track with the employee's schedule. It is also advantageous for remote employees because they can check-in attendance from any location. It also notifies the company if the employee hasn't checked in even remotely.
The entire system is automated and ensures database security. Employees do not need to get concerned about their data getting modified or deleted. Employees can also track their attendance using a mobile phone app. It makes no difference how far the employee is; they can check their attendance from any location. If the file gets accidentally deleted, it can get recovered using Time Attendance Software.
It is a cloud-based system that users access through a web browser or a mobile app. The main requirement of a cloud-based system is an internet connection. It is an inclusive method that favorably works for a company with a large workforce. This software is beneficial for everyone because it speeds up the work, thus being a precise attendance system. In addition, Forsa HR's software is highly integrated, making the work productive than before.
Mobile Support
Mobile phones can get used to checking attendance. It integrates cell phones with the company's Absence Management Software. Because Forsa HR is a cloud-based system, it is accessible from anywhere in the world. HR and management can also access the software anytime and at any location. Remote employees can also use the mobile support feature to check-in and out.
Attendance Summary
The software also keeps the record of employees' leaves. This summary comprises sections in which all the paid and unpaid leaves and working hours get added. It helps in understanding the summary quickly and make a separate report on that. All this data gets added in one location, so both company and employee can easily access it. Thus, Forsa HR's Attendance Management System ensures the employee's productivity along with an efficient system.
Attendance Reports
Attendance Reports get created after the evaluation of attendance summaries. These reports are essential as the employee's payroll can also get affected because of it. The manual system can get hectic as it is challenging to write descriptions of each employee. The software is helpful because it does all the work automatically. A well-organized and secure software should be the priority of every company.