Attendance Management System

Forsa HR has brought Attendance Management System to track employees’ working hours. It got developed to turn old techniques into digital platforms to make HR’s work easier. The attendance document describes the employee’s working and non-working hours. This system keeps track of every hour, every day, and month by dividing it into sections. Employees getting paid on an hourly basis benefit from this since it simplifies computations.

The Forsa HR software gets wholly integrated. It calculates working hours, vacation, sick leave, and overtime. When an employee works overtime or less time, the system automatically records it. Furthermore, Forsa HR decreases the likelihood of employees skipping work.

Employees may use the Time Attendance Management System to record their work with timestamps. This software aims to monitor employees’ attendance, thus checking if the employee is punctual or not. As a result, they are determining whether or not the employee is completing his task on time. The time an employee checks in and out of the firm also gets recorded. It notifies HR whether an employee has skipped or come early for work. This approach also helps the firm to identify if an employee has taken more leaves than is permitted.

attendance management

What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Manage Attendance
The primary purpose of this system is to help the organization manage attendance. Attendance Management includes working hours, absenteeism, and paid leaves. All this information must all get documented in the database. It also informs the firm about whether or not employees should be allowed leave. If the employee has already used the permitted leaves, HR may refuse the request.
Time-In & Time-Out
Employees can utilize card readers or scanners to clock in and out, take breaks, and log out. The card readers or scanners reduce the possibility of fraud or illegal check-in. The manual system is inconvenient since it takes a long time. It also tracks non-working days; half days and an advanced approach are appropriate for this. One of the drawbacks of utilizing a manual method was that it was prone to mistakes. However,Attendance Management Software has allowed us to track time and attendance efficiently.
Paid & Unpaid Leaves
The critical components of this system include paid and unpaid leaves. It becomes necessary because it integrates itself with the payroll system. The integration of attendance tracking, payroll, and the personnel database ensures a smooth procedure. In case of much leaves, the pay gets deducted, or the employee receives deprived of bonus. Therefore, it is essential to record these leaves to prevent the employee from becoming disgruntled. It is challenging to keep track of leaves on registers; consequently, Forsa HR created this software to make the jobs easier. Attendance Management Program manages both paid and unpaid absences, which keeps the employee database up to date. Employees also get provided access to check attendance.
Payroll integration
The system gets linked to employee payroll information. It is capable of generating a variety of attendance reports. An integrated system eliminates the flaws and disadvantages of conventional techniques. Many businesses struggle with payroll integration with attendance management. Therefore, Forsa HR is the ideal alternative because it performs procedures smoothly. It computes employee wages and bonuses daily, weekly, or monthly.
Calendar integration
Calendars such as Google Calendar and Outlook get integrated with the systems. An employee receives alerted in this manner if they are late or take leave. The Fingerprint Management System keeps them up to date and on schedule with the employee's plan. It is also helpful for remote employees because they may check in from any place. It also alerts HR if the employee does not check-in, even remotely.
As the entire system is automated, it also ensures that fully functional security also gets provided. Employees should not get anxious about their data getting altered or destroyed. Employees can also use a mobile phone app to track their attendance. It doesn't matter where the employee is; they can verify their attendance from any place. If the file gets unintentionally erased, the software recovers it.
The cloud-based system is favorable for companies because it can get accessed through a web browser or a mobile app. As it is a modern age with advanced technology, the Time Attendance Software is a must. This system is profitable for every company, whether big, small, or even a startup.
Mobile Support
The Mobile Support feature helps in tracking the attendance of employees. This mobile facility helps in checking in and out the attendance. This feature also gets integrated with the calendar, notifying the employee if they forgot to check in. It gets considered more convenient because it can get accessed from any location and with the internet.
Attendance Summary
An attendance summary is the collection of employees' attendance throughout a month or year. It contains working hours, leaves, half days, etc. The summary gets required because it helps make the employee's salary at the end of the month. When the entire information gets placed in one location, it is easy to understand. The attendance Management System is also accessible for the employees. It helps them to check their attendance summary as well so they can take necessary actions.
Attendance Reports
The attendance summary gets created in the form of attendance reports. It is the company's feedback on employees' performance and punctuality. Unfortunately, the companies without this facility don't even provide attendance reports sometimes. In comparison, Forsa HR's software makes sure to give reports; thus, increasing their productivity and accountability.