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Recruitment Managment System

Forsa HR provides the facility of a Recruitment Management System to make the recruiting process more manageable. It is a step-by-step procedure that includes interviewing, identifying, onboarding, and much more. Recruitment is a challenging process because the company needs to hire potential employees. It depends on the workforce and requirements of the company. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the best employee gets hired for its benefit. It is the job of the hiring team to oversee the entire process. This process can get convenient if the company acquires Forsa HR’s advanced service.

Furthermore, companies need to hire employees by using different elements. It includes ads, social networking platforms, and hiring agencies. Recruitment Management System includes all these features, and hiring job seekers has become quicker and more efficient. It contains the overall goals of the company, which they expect from their new employees. It lets the employees know if they meet the requirements or not. The main objective is to hire the best people on schedule and within budget. Therefore, Forsa HR is the ultimate option for clients looking for the best recruiting process. It is vital for both new employees and HR.


What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Job Requisitions
The hiring process in Recruitment Management Software starts with the job requisitions. It is an application that contains the job elements required from a new employee. As it is an advanced system, so online forms are available for job seekers. Otherwise, a hard copy is also available. The document contains the needs and demands for the new position, whether for a full-time or part-time job. The form gets submitted quickly from the channel it got accessed. Then, it automatically gets sent to the recruiting team or HR. It is the first step, and the rest of the process takes place after the form gets accepted. The system notifies the job candidate if their job request gets received. They also get informed about the next step.
Job Applications
The next step in Management Recruitment is a job application. This form contains all the details of the required job position. It is vital that the paper gets created without any errors; otherwise, the whole process gets repeated. The form also gets saved in the database for the record. In addition, it gets uploaded on social media channels, the company's website, etc. This process is beneficial because candidates don't have to waste their time specifically visiting the company. Instead, they can quickly fill the application at home and submit it. They also get notified via emails or text messages for their selection or rejection.
Applicants' Status
After the job requisitions and job applications, the next step is applicants' status. This feature is the crucial part of Recruitment in Human Resources Management. The selection or rejection of the job applicants gets decided and uploaded in the database. The decision gets forwarded to the job applicant, so they don't have to keep waiting for it. Sometimes, the decisions get recorded in the form of a list that gets uploaded on their website. This software is so convenient because applicants don't have to visit the company. Companies can trust this software without any hesitation.
Interview & Assessment
Interviews are the most vital part of the whole recruiting process. It is the breakthrough of candidates' job confirmation. They usually get asked about their competency, salary packages, past experiences, and job commitment. Human Resource Recruitment helps in creating documentation forms. The interview details also get added to the database. This information is confidential, so only authorized members, recruiting team, and HR can access it. The data stays saved in the system because it may get required later in the future. The process runs very smoothly, and HR can rely on it. Once the data gets saved in a centralized system, HR can oversee it anytime. The unified storage makes it easier to make decisions and make a comparison of candidates.
Offer Letter
Once the candidate gets selected in the interviews, an offer letter gets sent to them. Recruitment Software makes sure that all the vital information gets added to the offer letter. The offer letter includes job designation, salary, benefits, attendance and leaves distribution, policies, etc. The offer letter of each employee varies according to their job title. If the candidate has good experience, then their offer letter is also different. For this purpose, a feature of customized offer letters is also available.
Reports & Analysis
If the firm keeps a proper watch on its recruitment staff and process, it doesn't face any challenges. The problems in the recruiting process get rectified as soon as possible. Forsa HR's Recruiting Software provides a comprehensive solution that helps the organization in every manner. The study also assists in evaluating whether their channels are effectively working. It is a specific technique that takes care of even the most minor aspects. Forsa HR is the best recruitment software for its valuable features.
Support & Service
This feature helps to solve the challenges faced during the recruiting process. Job candidates can also complain through chatbots and support services if they face any problems. Our experts and extensive software make sure that all of the issues get solved on time. Our HR Recruitment software is the best option for those looking for a comprehensive recruiting process.