Exit Management System Ireland

The processes of recruitment and the exit are most complex and time-consuming tasks. Both of them require thorough paperwork and require more care and attention than any other process. Departure is always difficult but if proper policies are followed it will create positivity. Therefore to assist the customer based in Ireland ForsaHR introduces the exit management System Ireland. An inclusive exit management utility with comprehensive attributes.
Exit management starts when an employee resigns from the organization or being dismissed by the organization.
It is a step-by-step procedure that begins with the resignation applications and ends at the final settlement. The process involves the factors such as exit interviews, asset return, information transfer, and clearance from the concerned departments.

Traditional exit management system requires the lots of paperwork, which might create ambiguities. Therefore the necessities of the modern era are accommodated with the ForsaHR exit management system in Ireland.

The software will enhance the reliability and efficiency of the system. It is a fully customizable and flexible software that generates alerts whenever there is any resignation application is submitted. The top management keeps the rights for the acceptance or the rejection of the applications. Therefore the records are saved in the system for a long time, the system can store an ample amount of data. The exit management process manages the issuance of the final settlement whenever there is any resignation or dismissal. It covers the entire process by conducting exit interviews and getting clearance from the apprehensive departments.

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What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Exit Procedures
ForsaHR presents the exceptional employee exit management Ireland to assist the customer based in Ireland. It is the process that includes the procedures and the processes used for the separation of the employees. ForsaHR lets the management set the policies according to their organizational structure. The exit procedures are executed in the form of series of processes. These processes are the notice periods, resignation checklists, individual policies, information transfer, and exit interviews.
A fully automated system that covers the entire process of the exit management system. Automation combines the exit management factors such as the submission of the resignation letters up to the creation of the final settlement. The system is equally intelligent it sends alerts to both parties the resigning and the management. Hence the system can be tracked and modified at any step, the system is responsible to generate the reports.
Resigning Policy
The policy describes the rules and regulations according to which an employee can resign from a company. ForsaHR creating an employee exit process in HRM Ireland to accept the resignation online. The HR manager or the top management keeps the right to accept or reject the applications. Therefore the management reviews the applications and creates reports against the data.
Creation of Checklist
The exit management utility will create a checklist for the exit process. If the employee clears the checklist credentials is allowed to leave the organization. But if the checklist criteria are not met the organization will not let the employee exit the organization. The checklists are checked by the concerned departments. It contains the return of the company assets, information, and other facilities gained in the job tenure.
Information Transfer
A key factor in the exit management process includes the transfer of the relevant information to the organization. Every organization has different job responsibilities therefore if someone is resigning they must transfer the information regarding the job execution. Because the failure of information transfer may cause errors and there can be problems for the newcomers.

Final Interviews
The final interviews are the final scrutiny process by the organizations to refine the employee’s data. ForsaHR initiates the online final interviews to assist the employers. The results of these interviews are recorded in the system, only HR has the right to conduct the interviews. The top management accepts or rejects the results of an interview, the system generates alerts at the end of successful interviews.
Final Settlement
The final settlements are the final payments to the employees over their departures. ForsaHR embeds the final settlement section to their exit management system in Ireland. The system is integrated with payroll and the clearance sections that’s why it creates error-free final settlements.
The software is fully customizable which allows the customer to customize it according to their requirements. HR managers or top management can add more features to the software. The system is flexible that enables the manager to add the different policies as per the job designations.
The system generates the certificates at the successful execution of the exit management process. The system generates the final settlements certification, provisional certificate, experience certificate, and character certificates, etc
Management Reports
ForsaHR will permit the management to create the reports. These reports will be containing the details about the employees to make the final decisions. Such reports play a vital role in the decision-making of the organizations. The reports are generated automatically but the management can generate the reports on-demand as well.

Support & Maintenance
The exit management system is incomplete without the support and the maintenance feature. The Support services enable the customer to inquire about their issues and difficulties regarding the use of the application. ForsaHR brings 24/7 support and maintenance services for our prime customers. The process includes the technical training of the application as well.

Smart Features
• The Employees are allowed to make the online resignation request.
• Top Management has the rights to accept or reject the applications
• The system enables the employees to submit the applications.
• The system sends the exit request to the concerned departments automatically.
• Management tracks the employee’s data, asset recovery, and information transfer records.
• The software generates email alerts once the final settlement is executed.
• Integrated system which can calculate the final settlement amount.