Employee Database Management Software

Employee data is very vital and must get stored, managed, and tracked efficiently. For this purpose, Forsa HR has introduced Employee Database Management System. It keeps the personal information of the employee. i.e., name, age, job title, salary, documents, etc. The employee can also check the data as it has unified storage. It gets accessible to every authorized person. Some companies also allow the employees to edit the information, but they need authorization for it. It is a fast-paced system that stores all the data accurately. The data of every company is different depending on the workforce. Therefore, it is crucial to have a cloud-based system that can smoothly run all the processes.

Forsa HR maintains the employee database and handles the challenges very efficiently.

It got purposely designed for HR as they already have much work to do. At the same time, manually handling the employee documents gets very hectic and time-consuming. Forsa HR’s Employee Database Management System solves all these problems and ensures the validity of data.


What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Profiles and Documents
It provides the option of profiles and documents in the system. The objective of this feature is to divide the employee’s data into categories. The categories make it easier for the administration to find the relevant information. In old times, the profiles and documents used to get stored in one file. As a result, it mixes up all the data, which gets difficult to find the relevant information. It also got challenging to secure it because there is a large amount of data. Therefore, Employee Database got introduced to keep the process run smoothly.
Employees Profiles
Employees Profiles include personal information. i.e., name, date of birth, job title, email ID etc. It has the feature of editing the data anytime because the information keeps updating from time to time. Moreover, employees can also check their database to oversee all the details. It also provides data security; therefore, the employees can easily trust this system.
Document Types
As there is extensive data for each employee, so the document types get made. HR can readily access the essential data from these categories. The documents get recognized easily in Employee Database Software. If the format of papers and identification is well-defined, then it solves many problems. It increases the coherence of documents which helps the employees to use them efficiently. The document types meet the standard format if they get organized structurally.
Employee Documents
Employee documents are vital and must get protected in every case. They must get organized and classified successfully. It gets more favourable to differentiate the documents by assigning them names. i.e., contracts, certificates, personal information etc. The document types can get defined if they get stored in a similar folder. The folders can get named like “certificates”, and then all employee’s certificates get added to it.
Assets to Employees:
Free Employee Database Software provides the feature of benefitting employees with the assets. The assets can be in any form. i.e., bonus, allowance, phone, fuel, food etc. All assets get provided to the employees based on their performance. Once HR decides to give assets to employees, they make its section in the employee database. It also notifies the employee so that they can check it on their own. Thus, it boosts the self-esteem of employees, and they perform well in their job. All these functions get carried out by following a criterion and set of rules. This software also provides the feature of adding customized policies. Once it gets integrated into Employee Management Software, it performs following the company’s guidelines.
Indoctrination Plan
An indoctrination plan focuses on developing skills in employees. This procedure aids employees in acclimating to their new surroundings. They may begin to push themselves and broaden their horizons. As previously mentioned, the employee database contains information like documents, laws, policies etc. This information gets added for the employees, so they get aware of their working environment. The firm may develop an indoctrination strategy for each employee and save it in a database. It stabilizes the market position of the company along with increasing the productivity of employees.
Agenda Management
Agenda Management is all about doing future projects for the employees. Employee Software Management helps in creating a draft of the agendas. Once it gets added to the database, employees can start working on it. In this way, it gets easier for them to implement the required strategies and make plans accordingly. It helps the company to get rid of much workload and perform all the tasks with ease.
Employee ID Card Request
Every employee has their ID card, which can get requested via the portal. There is a feature of requesting an ID card in the database. Once the employee submits the request, HR gets notified, and they start working on it. When the ID card gets processed, the system automatically informs the employee to collect it.
Manage Probation Evaluations
Employee Management System provides the opportunity of evaluating the probation of new employees. Probations are a crucial period, and during this time; thus, both employee and company decide whether or not they want to continue. Therefore, the company must perform well from their end to evaluate their performance quickly.
Competencies Management
The companies must notice and provide feedback on employees’ competency. It is the process of identifying the skill set of employees. It depends on the employee’s competency level that how they reach their target performance. Therefore, their competency level must align with the company’s requirements.