To get the most out of a training program, a number of factors must be considered. For example, what is the ideal time for training? Is training even needed? How can it be made more useful and efficient in the future?

Our powerful human resource management system helps you answer all of these questions through its Training & Development module. The training management solutions provided by Fórsa HR software enable you to carry out training need analysis, schedule and create a training calendar, and receive feedback from employees.

Organized, Integrated, Efficient

Fórsa’s training management software tracks every element of a training program and records it in one convenient system, facilitating you to not only prepare effective training programs, but also to view their results on the same platform. Our training management software is also strongly integrated with other modules of our HR software, such as our payroll software and performance management software. Due to this, relevant data can be shared quickly and efficiently between the modules.

Why use Fórsa’s Training and Development Software?

Equipped with Fórsa’s training management solutions, you can maximize the utility of training and development programs. Our software also lets you analyze the performance of your employees, determining which employees would benefit the most from a training program, as well as which training program may be most effective. Paired with the other modules of Fórsa HR software, such as the payroll software and employee database, the Training and Development module has the capacity to revolutionize employee management.