Exit Management System

Professional and corporate goodbyes are very different from casually seeing off people. For this reason, employing an exit management system automates the whole process. Moreover, it further simplifies the off-boarding process of employees.

With FORSA HR’s exit management system, resignation submissions to the final settlement procedures, all operations of exiting the company are made automatically. This software automatically generates emails and tracks all actions like submission of the resignation letter, approval, or rejection.

This is a paperless solution that automatically uploads the employee’s data within the system. Moreover, it manages a final settlement statement and eliminates all unnecessary paperwork and formalities.

Finally, with an exit interview, you are all clear to go your own way. Hence, with FORSA HR’s exit interview management system, you get a clean chit from your concerned department. This eventually saves time and streamlines the whole process.

Our Exit Management System is your one-stop solution to solve your company’s HR problems in one go. It facilitates both parties as it excludes all the paperwork from both ends.

exit management

What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Exit Procedures
FORSA HR’s Exit model management includes the company’s policies and procedures about an employee’s separation. In addition to that, this feature can be customized according to each employee. Moreover, this system streamlines other important functions like notice periods, checklists, exit interviews, transfers etc. The final approval sits by the management and then these features are eventually integrated.
Yes, this system is fully automated. It ensures a complete exit lifecycle with submitting the resignation application to the final settlement statement. Also, with the automated emails, it serves as a reliable communication channel between the two parties. Moreover, the process is easily traceable and automatically generates reports of the final settlement statements.
Resigning Policy
FORSA HR’s robust exit management system allows online submission of resignation letters. In addition to that, it allows the management to view the applications and accept or reject them accordingly. Ultimately, the reports are generated and the concerned employees are notified via email.
Creation of Checklist
With this exit interview management system you get an automatic checklist that is filled by all respective departments. This checklist helps the HR to identify any pending items of use before the contract. Finally, this checklist streamlines the company’s exit management procedure. Moreover, this checklist also assesses this software’s operational efficiency.
Information Transfer
This added feature of FORSA HR’s exit modal management helps the employees to transfer their information in a more secure manner. Additionally, the employees can fill in their work information. This can ultimately be viewed by the management for acceptance or rejection.
Final Interviews
With FORSA HR’s exit management system you can streamline the employee’s exiting interviews. This system allows the HR to conduct the interviews online and make a final decision. Our robust software modernizes the whole process. With the online interviews facility, the employee’s exiting process becomes simpler and eventually strengthens the whole system.
Final Settlement
Forsa HR is an inclusive HR software solution. However, the Forsa exit management is integrated with the Forsa payroll software systems to generate error-free calculations. Therefore, It is pretty easy to develop the final settlement of the resigning employee with exit management.
Our robust exit model management system can be customized according to the employee’s needs. The manager takes care of this customization by introducing unique features and special reports. Moreover, the policies can also be revamped if needed. Ultimately, these policies are formulated according to the employee’s job title, department and designation.
The certification facility generates the certificates on demand. Including the final settlement certificates, experience certificates, relieving and character certificates, etc. However, the system generates these certificates on the completion of the final settlement.
Management Reports
Our comprehensive exit management system formulates extensive reports that eventually helps the top management to make accurate decisions. These reports are extremely valuable and come in handy for future references.
Support & Maintenance
FORSA HR’s professional team is well-experienced and provides the best HR solutions to its valuable clients. Also, our team is available for all system installations and guide your through it till the very ended. Lastly, our professionals are there at your service 24/7 for your training and assistance.
Smart Features
FORSA HR’s exit management system is a smart software. It allows the employees to apply on behalf of other peers to facilitate their requests. In addition to that, these requests can be directed to the Managers who can track your checklist of receivables accordingly. Finally, this system sends out email notifications. And you can finally transfer the data to payroll for you funds settlements.