Get a 360-degree overview of your employees through the Fórsa HRMS employee database software

Fórsa HR software includes employee database solutions that help you record and track a wide range of employee information. Rather than being a simple contact list with employee names, identification numbers, and contact information, our employee database software gives a much broader insight into each employee.

Simple, Efficient, Integrated

Our HR software is highly integrated, with information from the employee database software being shared with the other modules including the payroll software. Indicators of employee performance like probation evaluations can prove useful for the calculation of salary at the end of each month.

Why use Fórsa’s Employee Database Software?

In addition to a host of benefits with regard to decision-making and task allocation, Fórsa employee database software acts as a safe storage space for a large amount of information that would be otherwise stored in either paper files or Excel sheets. Providing a centralized database for all employee information, our HR software ensures that information is not lost or compromised, while also saving physical space and paper. Thanks to the presence of all relevant employee information in one centralized database, making important business decisions is simplified as you can get an overview of the fortes and limitations of your employees.