Employee Database Management Software Ireland

Forsa HR is your cloud-based employee database management software Ireland with exceptional secure strategies. However, the software follows vital communication parameters to assist the users conveniently. Therefore, Forsa HR accommodates the requirements of the users. It offers attributes including employee profile, employee ID, and induction plan. In addition, it includes the probation plan and assets to the employees.

Forsa HR understands the vitality of the employee data. That’s why we offer a suitable place for the storage of the data. The system sorts all the data in one place, which makes it more accessible and reliable. However, the attributes of the system are customizable. Therefore, the users can add, modify and delete the records in the system.


What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Profiles and Documents
The profile and the documents section lets the users save the profiles and upload documents. Forsa HR is an employee database software Ireland utility that controls the overall process of employee database. However, the system enables the users to create profiles in the system. Therefore the information required for profiles is employee name, designation, department, contact information, etc.
Employees Profiles
The employee profile section design will accommodate the inclusive information of the employees. Employee profile takes the data such as name, date of birth, marital status, designation, department, etc. However, these profiles are easily trackable with the software system. In addition, the user can add, modify, or delete the fields without any difficulty.
Document Types
Document type is an inclusive section to deal with different document types. However, it is a restrictive part of employee database management. Because it restricts the user from submitting the documents in the required parameters. However, it will not upload data if the document is not according to the required parameters. Staff database software Ireland allows multiple documents upload at a time. Therefore the documents it accepts are character, provisional, educational, experience, and identification documents.
Employee Documents
Forsa HR lets the employees upload their documents to the system with ease and security. The user can upload various documents to the system according to documents type. Therefore the user adds the documents by identifying the type of document. Once a user uploads a file, the system saves the file. In addition, it also sends an automatic alert to the employee ID and the top management.
Assets to Employees:
Different companies offer different benefits and allowances to the employees. However, the facilities and the rewards assigned to the employees are known as employee assets. Forsa HR presents you the premium HR employee database software Ireland to regulate the employee assets. The allocation of the assets to the employees is according to the job designation. Therefore Forsa HR enables you to add the asset details to the employee records. In addition, Forsa HR lets you modify the assets allotments anytime. The employee assets are vehicles, fuel, mobile phones, sim cards, laptops, transportation, and accommodation. However, the system tracks the allotments of the assets, including employee records.
Indoctrination Plan
Forsa HR enables the organizations to dedicate a place for the introduction. Therefore the management includes the company plans and schedules. These plans are the roadmaps of an organization because they describe the entire year’s progress. It also consists of the regulations, culture of the company, and brief information about the company. However, to interact with the customers, Forsa HR brings the employee database management software Ireland . The system enables the users to add the introduction and the induction policies. Therefore the HR empowers a user to add several plans to the system with the modification and deletion ability. However, the system generates alerts whenever a user adds a plan to the database.
Agenda Management
The agenda management will enable the users to add agenda regarding some specific event. Forsa HR permits the administration to add multiple agendas to the system. It also adds agendas according to the special requirements. In addition, the user can add agendas for regular training and learning process.
Employee ID Card Request
The employees can request the allotment of the employee ID cards. The HR receives the requests; however, the HR accepts or rejects the request. Therefore the HR can only grant permission to issue the employee ID card. In addition, the system is entirely automatic and trackable from each step. However, Forsa HR adds, modifies, and deletes the requests.
Manage Probation Evaluations
The probation evaluations are very critical in terms of new employees. The employee database management software Ireland assists you in evaluating the probation period. However, it saves the data collected from the employee records. Forsa HR permits HR to view the performance records of the employees in the probation period.
Competencies Management
Forsa HR embeds the competency management tool to the employee database management. However, the tool assesses the competencies of the employees for some specific period. In addition, HR can add multiple assessments to the system. Therefore, the system joins the results from the competency assessment with the employee management sections.