Employee Database Management Software

Forsa HR is a cloud-based Employee Database Management in Lahore that facilitates in providing the best services. The procedures used in this software are highly advanced technology. It works on making robust communication strategies to assist its customers in every way. Moreover, it ensures that all the services meet on time, thus maintaining the market reputation. These services include employee profiles, employee assets, an introduction plan, employee ID, and management probation.

We, at Forsa HR, thoroughly understand the needs of our clients.

That is why we include every minor detail in the software to avoid any errors. We assure to provide you with an understandable and exclusive database for your employees. Employee Data Management in HR also has a feature of deleting, adding, or modifying the data. The employee database’s primary function is to consolidate all employee data into a centralized location. You won’t have to visit multiple websites to find the information you’re looking for.


What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Profiles and Documents
This section displays the employee database software's saved profile and documents. However, this section of the Forsa HR database is critical. Because it contains the employees' information and the documents uploaded by the employees, the HR department can add, modify, and delete information from the database anytime. Therefore, it ensures that the profiles saved in the software are secure and accessible to HR at all times. Furthermore, the employee Database System also takes care of data security in case of any mishap.
Employees Profiles
Employees Profiles refer to the detailed information of the employees. This information contains the father's name, date of birth, job department, job position, joining date, email ID, and blood group. All this information gets provided in the centralized location, so it isn't difficult for HR to access it. The authorized employees can also access this information. Just like mentioned before, this information can also get added, deleted, or modified.
Document Types
This section explains how to determine the type of documents that got uploaded. It also makes a list of the papers which will upload in the future. Employee Database Management adds all the documents related to employees in one location. Documents such as educational certificates, birth certificates, ID cards, and experience letters get included. It also gives an option to change the document type in the database. All these documents can be the same or different depending on the demands of the company.
Employee Documents
The process of uploading the documents to the database is straightforward. The HR or employees can add multiple records to the database at any time. It gets convenient if the specifications of documents also get added. This way, it becomes more accessible for the HR or administration to access the paper by adding relative information. Employee Data Management in HR takes control of the entire process, thus making it significant.
Assets to Employees:
Employee assets are the advantages provided by the company to the employees. These benefits are dependent on their job title and designation. In the job contract, allotment of the assets gets mentioned, which can get changed too accordingly. HR has the option to give and take back the assets as well. Assets include fuel for the vehicle, mobile phone/sim card, laptop, food, and lodging. Assets vary depending on the employee and job position. In short, it can also refer to the perks and benefits provided to the employees. Furthermore, HR can offer multiple assets to employees based on the nature of their job. Employee Database System makes it simple to add or remove employees.
Indoctrination Plan
Forsa HR has set aside a section for the company's introduction. The HR includes the company plan and the administration's schedule in this section. These plans are essential because they serve as a guide for the policies. It also provides information about the company's environment as well as a summary of its policies. Employees' first interaction with management/company is through indoctrination plans. Indoctrination plans allow you to create induction plans for a specific group of employees. HR can add multiple induction plans to the employee database management software. Furthermore, Employee Database Management can delete programs from the database.
Agenda Management
The agenda management feature allows HR to add the required plan to the desired event. Furthermore, the software supports the addition of multiple agendas. As a result, when any demands get needed, they can get added to the plan. In this way, the software also includes the schedules in training and database. This software has provided many features, thus making it advanced.
Employee ID Card Request
The employee ID card request is designated for HR to distribute employee ID cards. As a result, HR can add multiple requests for the issuance of ID cards. The entire process is automated and easily traceable. Just like in the features mentioned earlier, the data of ID cards can also get altered or deleted. Employee Data Management in HR quickly provides the ID cards.
Manage Probation Evaluations
You can manage probation evaluations using Forsa HR. Our software is also capable of storing data gathered during the assessment. As a result, HR can easily monitor probation. Furthermore, the evaluation section keeps track of new employees. Because these records are automated, HR can easily view the probation periods. Forsa HR's employee database software gets integrated, allowing it to restore data at any time.
Competencies Management
HR also includes competency assessments to check employees' competency levels. The software allows for the addition of multiple competency tests for employees. However, the competency test differs for employees based on their job title.