Document Management Software

Forsa HR provides a cloud-based Document Management Software, which gets used for recording and saving documents. The documents can be PDFs, word files, and digital images. We are honored to claim that we are the most innovative and outstanding document management providers. Are you struggling with a large stack of documents? Forsa HR is at your doorstep to assist you.

The document management software by Forsa HR stores all your documents digitally. It tracks the documents and digital images. The images get scanned and then captured, thus fully automating the procedure. So get rid of conventional methods, and switch to digital processes.

Digital methods provide storage, development, and security of data which is less likable in conventional ways. Document Management System is a cloud-based software where documents can get saved for a lifetime. It is trustworthy because it keeps track of all the data. It works efficiently, saves time, deletes extra files, and expands the space. A step-by-step guide to the procedure gets established for all sorts of documents. If you are looking for all such features in one system, then Forsa HR is your ultimate choice.

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What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Unified Storage
Managing paper files and documents demand much time and money. The employees can save much time by storing the data in one location. It is possible by using DMS Software , which can easily get accessed anytime. Moreover, employees get provided with a cloud-based system where the documents can get exchanged, edit and deleted at any time. Nowadays, everything gets done digitally, so employees should also get the chance to do their work online and from any location.
All the functions get integrated, which includes payroll, attendance management, recruitment, and employee database. It indicates that our system is faster and efficient in many ways.
Employee Documents
Keeping track of many documents can become a headache which is especially true for developing enterprises. The records get stored in the organizational structure, so it gets selected right away. Document Management Software has made the process much easier than before. The data gets stored in software, so there is no need to fill the cabinets and boxes with paperwork. It is beneficial because the papers get converted to a digital format which frees up space for offices. In addition, other necessary hard copies can get kept in the boxes.
The stored data includes CVs, job contracts, ID cards, and other certificates. The documents get routed to the system. If you need to manage your records correctly, choose Forsa HR and get your problems solved.
Project Requisites/Proposals
If you are worried about the situation of your projects and proposals files, then you have come to the right place. Document Management System ensures that your files get saved and secured along with extra space. It provides the feature of tracking the data as well. If the system receives any unwanted functions, it automatically sends alerts to HR and administration. As some of the files are confidential, so they must get handled with care and stay secured. The procedure gets done accurately and securely.
Sharing is Caring
With our centralized and cloud-based software, you don't need to worry about document control. The documents can get exchanged without any effort and hassle in no time. When the system obtains any file, then it gets processed to the required section on its own. DMS Software makes sure that the documents don't get uploaded twice, thus freeing up the space. Moreover, these files can get shared with authorized members once the papers get added to the database.
Customise the Docs
As the first process of this system is getting uploaded in the design, thus Forsa HR came up with another comprehensive feature. This feature allows the users to customize their documents according to their choice. The papers can get edited, deleted, or added at any time. So, HR can personalize the documents based on their preferences and requirements.
Feedbacks are one of the most crucial processes of HR. So, if you have a system that automatically provides feedbacks and notifications, why wait? This process gets integrated with the entire Document Management .This process is delicate and must get processed very carefully. With the help of this automated software, the firm can rely on this as it generates feedback. Moreover, it also keeps track of the input. When the feedbacks get processed, then HR can share it with the employee.
Just like feedback, the review of the documents is also gets obtained by this software. It is essential to review the records before it gets added in the database. The software proofreads the paper, thus making it top tier. This system is very leading and adaptable in this regard. Once the review gets done, the system automatically approves it, which gets added to the database.
Document Management Software ensures that any document passes the process of approval as well. In some cases, HR customizes the procedure, or the software can also do it independently. The papers must get verified and then added to the database to avoid any errors. If the report is not up to the mark, then the system can disapprove it as well. All these guidelines get integrated within the software to ensure its validity. As a result, the procedure only stores the verified documents because there is no room for mistakes in the HR department. Forsa HR provides that the process gets done up to the mark.
Why use Fórsa HR’s Document Management Software?
The features mentioned above of the Document Management System make it clear that Forsa HR is your best option. This software enables quick file sharing. The documents get shared with the employees once the entire document gets processed successfully. It has a large storage capacity, so the firms don't need to worry about it.