Document Management Software

Forsa HR offers cloud-based document management software for all kinds of digital organizations.  Do you have large file stacks that need to be sorted? Well, look no further. FORSA HR has the most innovative. The best document management solutions that strive to improve your productivity by twofold!

Store all your paperwork in one digital space and access it whenever you want. Forget the conventional methods of organizing your documents. That’s right with FORSA HR’s digital document management system, you can automate the management of your files with just a click.

With FORSA HR’s cloud-based document management system solutions, you can forget the traditional, time-taking methods. Moreover, it keeps your data safe and secure. In case of accessing large files, this software has the capacity to store large amounts of data. In one place and allows easy access and retrieval. Hence all your important documents are just a click away!

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What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Unified Storage
With FORSA HR, you can store and access all your documents through one integrated system. So, you don’t need to keep separate places for each file. Our comprehensive document management software, comes together with other important features like recruitment, payroll, employee database, training and development and many more. With our exclusive cloud-based solution, your documents records can be accessed anytime, anywhere!
Employee Documents
With our efficient system of document management, employees can upload and save their documents into the system. Moreover, they can be accessed as per the need. May it resume, job proposals, contracts, birth certificates, ID cards, certificates, you name it and we’ve got you covered!
Once uploaded by an employee, the documents are finally sent forward for review. Furthermore, if the documents are appropriate according to the company’s set parameters, it notifies the HR and the employee, simultaneously.

Project Requisites/Proposals
Not to worry, our document management services, can save and track your files easily and precisely. Moreover, the company’s HR is notified immediately as these are critical and confidential documents. These require special care. Finally, with FORSA HR you can reliably upload your recommendations and other files.
Sharing is Caring
Our best document management solutions, provide complete document control. Moreover, our cloud-based system offers a document controller that tracks all your files being shared. Hence, whenever the system has an incoming document, it is directly processed into the database which saves time and hassle.
Customise the Docs
With FORSA HR’s digital document management system, documents can be customized for further actions. Also, the employee has the access to edit the records as needed. Our system offers flexibility according to the user’s needs and requirements. So, the uploaded documents can be edited and organized whenever needed. This touch of automation improves the efficiency of the entire software.
With FORSA HR, document management software, you can receive automated alerts at any time of the day. Also, our system keeps employees and the management well-informed. Finally, it serves as a guideline for the employees with the much-needed touch of automation. Lastly, it with the automated system of data input, the HR of the company can assist the employees any time of the day.
With the FORSA’s document management system solutions, you get the flexibility to review the document. Moreover, this makes your document more versatile and up-to-date. Finally, once the documents are saved, the HR can access them for further review if needed. Lastly, if the documents are error-free and good to go, they will automatically be approved by the system.
The leading document management system companies use FORSA HR for approving all kinds of documents. This standardized software ensures the documents to be authentic and accurate before uploading them. Moreover, the standards are automatically programmed in the software to facilitate the process. So, the system automatically saves the file that are approved according to the checklist. And the rejected files are added back with remarks for further amends.
Why use Fórsa HR’s Document Management Software?
With an extensive network of integration, this software allows you files to be accessed and share with just a click. These documents are uploaded and can ultimately be forwarded to the desired department. Our robust employee document management software keeps your data safe from theft or loss and keeps a track of it from one end to the other.