Attendance Management System Ireland

Transform your manual attendance systems to a secure and reliable digital attendance management system in Ireland. We are a cloud-based HR facility with a complete integration that lets users enjoy the best HR services. Therefore the software saves the records of the attendance and creates the reports accordingly. These reports are helpful for the salary and the performance calculations. In addition, the attendance management software calculates the employees’ attendance. The attributes it adds in calculating attendance are work per hour, leaves, holidays, sick leaves, and overtime.

Whenever the system receives an attendance record, it generates an alert for the employees and the management. The system sends the alerts through email and mobile applications. However, the administration can restrict the scope of the alerts. In addition, Forsa HR saves the attendance record in the form of time-in and time-out. It is integrated into payroll management and employee database management. So the results are directly saved in the system. Let us offer you the splendid attendance management solution that will manage your entire attendance difficulties. We are accessible over the cloud that makes Forsa HR the ultimate destination for HR services.

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What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Manage Attendance
Forsa HR enables you to manage the daily attendance. The software is simplified and user-friendly; you can mark the attendance without any hassle. Whenever there is an entry in the attendance system, the software generates alerts in emails and SMS. Forsa HR is an integrated system, so there is no need to input in many sections. Therefore, just a one-time entry will work for you.
Time-In & Time-Out
Time-in and time-out facilities record the attendance system regularly. It utilizes a specific employee ID to save the records in the system. Therefore the management of the attendance records becomes more simplified and accurate. Because it integrates the system, the results are saved directly to the payroll and the employee management database. You can easily add new employee records to the system. Users can manage the input and output records with the help of biometric and facial recognition. Forsa HR introduces Time Attendance Management Ireland to accommodate the requirements of the attendance management services for Ireland.
Paid & Unpaid Leaves
The calculation of the leaves will offer you the exact data about the attendance secured by the employees. Leaves are an essential part of attendance management software. Therefore, Forsa HR embeds the paid and unpaid leaves to its extensive services. The system lets the employee report regarding a missed leave because it might cause deduction to the salaries. Forsa HR brings attendance management software Ireland to set the attributes of the paid and unpaid leaves. Therefore, HR is responsible for adding the type of the leaves such as paid, unpaid, annual, and sick leaves.
Payroll integration
The attendance management system integrates the payroll management system. Therefore the attendance results are saved directly in the payroll and the employee management database. The software works on an entirely automated principle, so there will not be any data duplication. In addition, the users can create reports upon the results taken from the attendance management. However, the system itself creates the pieces whenever there is any recording in the attendance section.
Calendar integration
Forsa HR brings the employee attendance software Ireland to integrate the digital calendars with the system. Therefore the integrable calendars are Google and outlook calendars. Calendar integration offers excellent aid to the employees by letting them known about every scheduled event. These calendars are customizable; users can add the events according to their requirements. However, the use of the calendar becomes more vital when an organization is working remotely.
Security has become the most critical part of any software program. Therefore the Forsa HR imposes strong security in the system. Hence, the top management only has access to the data; no one can manipulate the data. However, HR can assign the role to the employees to access the attendance system. The system integrates and encrypts the files, which makes the data more secure and reliable. In addition, HR has the right to allow someone to view some parts of the system.
The world has experienced the benefits and advantages of cloud computing. Therefore Forsa HR initiates with the attendance management Ireland to offer cloud-based HR services. However, the availability of the software over the cloud makes it more unique and reliable. Thus, the Users can access the system from anywhere. The attendance system saves the records automatically. In addition, the management can check them from anywhere, anytime.
Mobile Support
Technology is transforming the ways of the business. However, you can control your whole business transactions with your mobile phones. Therefore to accommodate the mobile phone services, Forsa HR brings the mobile application service. However, the software permits easy integration into cell phones to receive all alerts over your cell phones. The mobile support will enable HR to control the time-in and time-out management. Therefore mobile support assists attendance management to handle the system remotely.
Attendance Summary
The attendance summary is the overview of the attendance management system. It is an automated system that generates outlines of attendance records. Therefore, it sends summaries to HR and the management for review. A summary contains working hours, paid leaves, overtime, average time-in and out, fines, and salary deductions. Therefore the attendance management system Ireland enables you to generate the attendance summaries automatically.
Attendance Reports
Reports are very vital for record updates. The system generates the reports against the data saved in the system. Users can generate the reports upon request; the system allows HR to create multiple reports. These reports influence the reputation of the employees because it shows the regularity of the employees. However, the reports section integrates the employee payroll and the employee database management systems. Therefore the results are directly shipped to the concerned departments. It makes everything over the software sorted and accessible. These reports are pretty helpful for employee performance evaluation and development. However, the system generates the reports automatically, but you can create on-requirement as well.