Attendance Management System

Forsa HR has come up with the service of recording the working time of employees. It can get referred to as Attendance Management System. The purpose of this software is to increase the productivity of employees. It gets done by successfully recording the leaves of employees. In the old times, attendance used to get managed by tracking it on registers. That process was hectic and time-consuming. On the contrary, advance attendance management doesn’t involve any paperwork.

This software by Forsa HR effectively records the attendance of employees. HR can oversee the attendance of employees at any time once it gets updated. If the employees don’t complete the required working hours, they get alerted via notifications.

It gets convenient to track the working hours and create the payslips accordingly. The objective of this software is to monitor the performance of employees. HR check the employee’s work and their punctuality so far. Some companies pay hourly wages, which is beneficial for the companies who use this software. It is feasible to do the computations since it is automated. It helps the employees to manage their leaves.

attendance management

What Forsa HR will benefit you?

Manage Attendance
The objective of the Employee Attendance Management System is to manage attendance by getting fully automated. Once the system gets automated, there is no need to manually handling the attendance. All the leaves, working hours, and half days get divided into sections. It is easier to find the relevant information because of these sections. As the system gets integrated, employees can also check their attendance.
Time-In & Time-Out
This feature got designed to mark the attendance by using card readers or scanners. By scanning the provided cards, the employees can time-in and time-out their attendance. The employees also don't get to illegally check in the attendance because the system is automated. It also doesn't get subjected to mistakes, unlike the manual method. Software Attendance Management System takes complete responsibility for adding daily attendance in the database as well. As the timing of entering and leaving is also combined, so it automatically marks leave. It only happens if the employee hasn't checked in.
Paid & Unpaid Leaves
Tracking paid and unpaid leaves have become more accessible because of this software. It got difficult to track the attendance in the manual methods because of a large amount of data. Like previously mentioned, the paid and unpaid leaves sections also get created. The process isn't challenging anymore because it keeps a constant check on the leaves. The employees get notified if they haven't discussed the paid and unpaid leaves with HR. Because once the HR gets reported, the relevant decision gets marked in the database.
Payroll integration
Time and Attendance Management System also integrates with payroll. It is beneficial for the companies that create the payroll on an hourly basis. Since the entire system gets merged, it automatically computes the payroll of the employees. Thus, HR doesn't have to face the hurdles of manually calculating the payroll. This system also provides transparency, so the employee can also check their attendance and payroll record.
Calendar integration
This system isn't only helpful for administration but also for employees. It is valuable in a way that the employee's schedule gets integrated with their Google Calendar. It notifies them if they haven't marked the attendance and when they need to check in. Time Attendance Management System allows them to stay updated with their schedule at all times. Employees can inform HR if they forgot to mark the attendance, and then the system updates it.
Employee data is critical and must get protected at all costs. Therefore, it is vital to have software that provides data security. It got challenging to maintain data security with the manual system. The files get lost, and it gets difficult even to find them. Therefore, this software ensures that the data gets stored safely, no matter how old. In case the files get deleted, there is an option of recovery and backup.
Attendance Management System is cloud-based; thus, making it more advantageous than it already is. Moreover, a cloud-based system reduces the need for double-checking the attendance data. The reason is that the system gets mechanized, and there is no possibility of a mistake. The only trouble is the loss of data for which the backup is available anytime.
Mobile Support
In case the employees have lost their card readers, they can check in with mobile support. This feature helps the employees to mark their attendance from anywhere at any time. The mobile support also gets integrated with the calendar; thus, providing more smoothness in the system. It shows that Employee Attendance Management System is an outstanding service by Forsa HR.
Attendance Summary
An attendance summary is the assortment of employees' attendance sheets. Just like in the system, it also gets comprised of sections. These sections are working days, working hours, absentees, and half days. The leaves and half days get highlighted for the convenience of employees. The system also automatically calculates the payroll of employees as it gets based on employees' attendance. The full summary gets analyzed by HR before handing it over to the employees.
Attendance Reports
The attendance report is the feedback of the attendance summary by HR and the team lead. They let the employee know about their performance so far and punctuality. The Software Attendance Management System helps the administration to create attendance reports without any errors successfully. Forsa HR makes sure to assist its clients and users in every way possible.